IQ Services Are Here for You

IQ Services turn business needs into tangible outcomes. Partnering with the IQ Team can help you improve the customer experience, get your users hooked, fight churn, increase adoption, and much more. Our in-house team of experts will provide both the strategies and the hands-on assistance that will take your customer success initiatives to the next level.

The IQ Team Will Help You:

  • Establish a strong foundation – Start off on the right foot! Let us help you get on the right track—making your users successful without you having to sweat the small stuff.
  • Relieve your team – If you outsource to us, we’ll give your work the careful attention it needs, freeing you up to focus on what matters—your users.
  • Shorten your time to value – Let us help you get up and running, so you can focus on your customers and drive an accelerated ROI for your business.
  • Get your questions answered – Stop the guesswork! Leverage our experience and expertise to uncover key insights and learn what makes your users tick.

The Types of Work the IQ Team Does:

  • Advanced application set up
  • User intelligence deep dive training
  • Customized campaign and template creation
  • In-person workshops and advisory services
  • …and many more!

Guided Tours That’ll Knock Your Users’ Socks Off

Let the IQ Team build your guided tours for you, especially if you need something launched quickly or you’re low on team bandwidth. Through a single IQ Services project, you can get a library of templates to reuse for any future guided tours you launch within your app.

“The service offering add-on was a no brainer. The IQ Team was incredible at setting expectations and quickly delivering. The results feel true to our brand and far beyond what I could have created in house. The custom-built NPS has really high engagement, so we get the feedback we need to continuously improve.”

Melissa M.Head of Customer Success, Jiminny

"After working with IQ Services, we were able to refine our customer engagement activities and hone in on the key strategies that will help make our users successful."

Rob B.Marketing Director, ShootProof

Get Your NPS Surveys Up and Running

Launching an in-app NPS survey is on your to-do list. Don’t push it to the back burner for another quarter! Instead, roll out an NPS survey to your customers now with the help of IQ Services. We’ll get it done, and it won’t require endless hours of time from your already-strapped team.

Don’t Let Busy Work Stand in the Way

Let the experienced IQ Team be your strategic partner—in crime and customer success! We’ll ensure you’re gleaning insights from the UserIQ platform. Meanwhile, we’ll also get our hands dirty with you, and offer advice and best practices based on the customer successes we’ve seen.

See how UserIQ can help you drive business outcomes.

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