Success Starts with User Adoption

A strong user adoption strategy can mean the difference between growth and churn. UserIQ will help you along the journey.

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Drive User Adoption at Every Turn

UserIQ knows your SaaS company needs to help users succeed at every point of adoption — whether they’re unpacking a free trial, onboarding to the full product suite or exploring new feature releases. That’s why we give you the tools to understand all your customers, engage them in the right moments, and lay the right foundation for high-value user adoption.

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Identify your best customers and the WOW! moments that hook them, so you can keep them coming back and finding value.

Customer Success User Onboarding

Get onboarding guidance tools that help new users experience must-see features quickly so they have a better first impression of your brand.

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Guide customers who need help, prompt users who haven’t found core features, and upsell as you go — all from a single suite of tools.

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Make Adoption Actionable for Everyone

With fully aligned insight and engagement tools, UserIQ helps everyone from customer success to product management, sales to marketing attract and retain key customers for the long haul.

Customer Success

Anticipate User Needs to Succeed from Day One

Without strong adoption, retention and advocacy efforts are fleeting. That’s why UserIQ helps CS teams hook users from the start. In-app surveys, customer health scores and high-touch, yet scalable onboarding tools help you deliver value at every turn.

  • Guided tours for easy onboarding
  • Login, adoption and usage reports
  • Customer health scoring
  • Net Promoter Surveys
  • Customer feedback tools
  • Proactive event notifications
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Product Management

Make Product Features Quicker and Stickier

Your SaaS product’s success depends on high-performing features and a low-friction user experience. UserIQ helps deliver both with predictive usage analytics to pinpoint your stickiest user-flows, and in-app guided tours to unpack your best features faster.

  • Deep product usage analytics
  • Predictive feature adoption tracking
  • Built-in guided tours
  • Customizable tooltips & callouts
  • Limitless data segmentation
  • Product feedback tools
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Sales & Marketing

Turn Trial Users into Satisfied Subscribers

Trying to convert trial users into paying ones? UserIQ analytics and announcements help shorten time-to-value by letting you to talk to users about the value you can add to the features they love most, all while they’re in-app.

  • User sentiment data
  • Feature adoption intelligence
  • Guided tours and launchers
  • Branded announcements
  • Gauge expansion opportunities
  • Email re-engagement tools
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We're using UserIQ to add tooltips and guided tours to our dashboards and they’ve helped us segment our users further with their customized in-app interactions. The UserIQ team has been fantastic when working with us on projects and listening to our business needs.

Esther KimCampaign & Content Manager, RentPath

Thanks to UserIQ, we’ve been able to successfully onboard 100's of users to our newest and most powerful features.

Chuck KonfrstSenior Developer at Manheim

We're working towards being more proactive with our customers and doing less 'firefighting' overall. UserIQ allows us to identify potential issues early on and proactively reach out to our customers- showing them we're engaged and concerned about their success/failure with our products.

Megan CarnaghiCustomer Success Manager at TechSmith
Intellum's feature usage increase with UserIQ
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Manheim users assisted with UserIQ guided tours
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