What’s Your User IQ?

Predict user behavior. Create winning experiences. With UserIQ, you’ll finally prove that customer success is company success.


Help Customers Adopt Your Product Succeed

Insight: Your New Superpower

See clear customer health signals and know the impact you have on accounts.

Guesswork = Messwork

End the treasure hunt with straightforward intelligence on customers and product usage.

The Wingman You Always Wanted

Deliver the best message at the right time with relationship-building campaign tools.

Health + Intelligence + Campaigns. With the gorgeous customer success platform from UserIQ, your team will uncover health insights, eliminate user hurdles and simplify account management. You’re so ready for this.

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UserIQ customer health dashboard

Customer Health, Reimagined

Coming soon! Spot changes in health score over time. Analyze feature usage and sentiment. Make smart decisions. In one beautiful spot. With the UserIQ customer health dashboard, you’ll simply forecast change more accurately.

See what's new
Amount of segmented audiences you can create in UserIQ.
Jump in Reveal Mobile feature usage with UserIQ in-app campaigns.
Increase in NPS responses for BIM One with UserIQ engagement tools.

Customer Success is Company Success

Saying your SaaS company is “customer-centered” is one thing. Making it customer-centered is another. UserIQ equips Customer Success teams with health insights and engagement tools that can be shared across the entire organization — from the Product team to the C-suite.

Customer Success Teams

Gauge customer health. Understand product usage. Act on Voice of the Customer feedback. Look at you, customer success genius.

Product Teams

Track app usage. Predict user behavior. Guide customers to value. Building a product roadmap? It all starts here.


Turn your customer success investment into a profit center. Cut churn. Drive expansions. Improve advocacy. Win.

Case Studies

UserIQ Engagement Tools Drive Feature Adoption for Cox Automotive, Manheim

Customers who complete a UserIQ tour are now four times more likely to use this Cox Automotive company’s new product.

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“Having the option to provide both contextual help through UserIQ and static content through traditional channels ensures we have a variety of ways to get useful information in front of the user.”

Seth Stuck
Director, Product Analytics & Testing, Cox Automotive.

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Adoption Playbook

The Customer Journey: Adoption

Successful adoption is the most critical milestone in your customer’s journey. It’s up to your Customer Success team to get the ball rolling right — the first time.

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Instinct will Only Take You So Far

See how the NEW UserIQ — with reimagined customer health functionality — can help.