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Learn how to help your customers get the most out of your product with user intelligence. 
Then, deploy targeted engagements based on that intelligence.
And watch your customers grow.

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  • customer health dashboard
  • guided tours
  • nps surveys
  • feature callouts
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Retain more, gain more

With UserIQ, you’ll know exactly how users engage with your web application and the best way to reach them with relevant messaging. Watch the video to learn how our Customer Health Dashboard, in-app messaging, and interactive tours can help you retain and gain more users of your SaaS product.

Build lifetime value with your best customers

With UserIQ, you can ignite customer growth beyond the funnel by retaining users, growing accounts, and turning your best customers into your strongest advocates.


Don’t be surprised by customer churn

With our Customer Health Dashboard, you will always know how engaged your customers are with your web application and what you can do to improve their experience. So churn becomes a thing of the past.

UserIQ's Customer Health Dashboard

Simple, cost-effective SaaS customer onboarding

By creating customized tours, you can support ongoing training of your SaaS customers, ensuring they get the most out of your product. Booker’s training attendance rates jumped 4x by using UserIQ, and when they updated their application, they reached a 98% adoption rate.


Booker’s adoption rate, after they implemented UserIQ.


Know where they’ve been, so you can guide them to where they need to be

When it comes to your customers, you can’t have too much knowledge. Which is why UserIQ puts customer intelligence at your fingertips. With a few clicks, you can uncover potential problems and chart a course for correction—all from within the UserIQ platform.


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Thanks to UserIQ, Manheim has been able to successfully onboard hundreds of users, both internal and external, to our newest and most powerful features. In addition, by utilizing UserIQ’s in-app guided tours and analytics, we know that the numbers of customers who use these features is also increasing.

Chuck Konfrst
Senior Developer, Product Design & UX

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