Introducing the Complete Guide to Customer Growth: Driving Value Throughout the Customer Journey

Customer growth is the key to unlocking a new stream of revenue for SaaS businesses.

If you’re in the SaaS business and you know there must be a better way to effectively grow revenue from your current customer base, we have the answer: Customer growth. And we believe in this strategy so much that we wrote a book about it.

The Complete Guide to Customer Growth: Driving Value Throughout the Customer Journey will define customer growth, explain the impact of customer success, and share proven strategies and playbooks for implementing customer growth into your organization. All of this will help your organization broaden its approach to customer success to drive significant increases in the company’s bottom line.

Inside this eBook, you’ll find customer growth strategies, resources, and how-to’s including:

What is Customer Growth?

The ideal customer journey for SaaS companies goes like this: customers successfully adopt the product, are consistently retained, expand their accounts, and become advocates who feed new leads back into the top of the hourglass. That’s customer growth. But it’s no easy feat.

For subscription-based companies, opportunities to capitalize on this customer journey in order to achieve net negative churn lie within the ability to facilitate customer success in these post-sales stages. Unfortunately, most customer success teams and functions aren’t optimized to manage the full scope of this customer journey. They aren’t optimized for customer growth. But they should be!

Customer growth is an entirely new way of looking at your business model, reflecting the shift in power from the buyer journey to the customer journey. In SaaS, business growth doesn’t end at the point of purchase; it reaches beyond the traditional sales/marketing funnel throughout the entire customer lifecycle. This new mindset expands the conventional funnel into one that looks more like an hourglass.

UserIQ's Customer Growth Hourglass
How to Build a Foundation for Customer Growth

Implementing a complete customer growth strategy is a necessity for companies that want to cross the chasm to net negative churn, a powerful growth mechanism for SaaS companies, because it opens up new possibilities for revenue growth far beyond what has been possible with sales and marketing alone.

The Complete Guide to Customer Growth: Driving Value Throughout the Customer Journey will take you through the basic steps for proactive planning and mapping your customer journey. It will also explain priority projects for putting your new knowledge into action. Initiatives like getting company buy-in, facilitating cross-department alignment, and how to evaluate the key tools you’ll need to ramp up your customer growth plan.

Tips and Resources for Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Without understanding the value of the customer journey and recognizing the growth opportunities that exist within it, companies will find it hard to reduce churn and achieve their growth goals. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

In this eBook you’ll get specific tips for each stage that, together, help you move customers through the customer journey, as well as references to additional playbooks for a deeper tactical perspective.

Download Your Complete Guide to Customer Growth Now

Ready to start building your customer growth strategy? Download your copy of The Complete Guide to Customer Growth today and schedule some time with our customer growth experts to understand how these strategies can work for your organization.


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