Align Your Customer Success with Product Management

A few years ago, the buzziest new phrase in business was “sales and marketing alignment,” and to this day, it’s still a hot topic. It was a hard road, getting these two teams that were traditionally siloed and competing for prospects to work together. But generally these days, companies have become pretty refined at harnessing the power of a well-aligned sales and marketing team. That alignment has helped companies build sophisticated buyer journeys that facilitate healthy, pipeline-driving growth.

But what happens after that, once the lead becomes the customer? The two teams that take over after the purchase phase are customer success and product teams. Are they as well-aligned as sales and marketing? Are they working together toward the common goal of ensuring customers are finding consistent value with the product they were sold on? Are they meeting often, sharing customer data and feedback, and becoming the powerhouse team they could be?

We’ve been asking ourselves these questions a lot lately and now we’re looking for your expertise to answer the question: How well are customer success and product teams aligned in SaaS? We’ve worked with our great friends at SuccessHacker and ProductCamp Atlanta to put together a quick 10-minute survey to benchmark the state of Customer Success + Product Alignment, and we would love your input.

This survey will be used to develop a benchmarking report examining how best-in-class organizations are aligning customer success and product management teams, sharing data and using technology. The report will be published at and shared directly with all survey participants. We’ll also host a webinar in August to discuss key findings and chat with a panel of industry leaders to explore what these trends mean for the future of customer growth initiatives.

Click here to begin the 10-minute survey.

If you have any questions or want to talk about the current state of product and customer success alignment, contact us at [email protected]. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

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