From the Desk of Rachel Orston: A Year in Review at UserIQ

By December 14, 2017Blog

Since I joined the UserIQ team as CEO in March, it’s been a very exciting year. We’ve made great strides as a company and I think it’s important to reflect on the work each member of our team has put in to make this year one for the books! Here’s a look back on the last year:

Our Growth

This year, UserIQ graduated from the ATDC program and moved out on our own into a great new space that we continue to grow into.

UserIQ won or was nominated for a few awards this year, including being named the Highest in User Adoption in G2 Crowd’s Winter 2017 Implementation Index for Customer Success and a G2 Crowd High Performer for Fall 2017. UserIQ was named Atlanta’s Best B2B Startup by Startup Atlanta, one of TAG’s Top 40 Most Innovative Companies, and one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s’ Best Places to Work. I’m so proud of all that our team has accomplished and love to see them recognized for their hard work.  

I’m also proud to have hired Ashley Coleman, who was recently named TAG’s Marketing Technologist of the Year, as our Director of Marketing Operations. In fact, we’ve made several great new hires this year and the hiring process hasn’t stopped yet.

Our mission to value, nurture and grow users starts with our own employees.  I couldn’t be prouder of our company culture and all the fantastic new customers we have added this year.  

Our Product

This year our product team made considerable investments in the scalability of our platform, both for ourselves and for our users. We believe in creating a platform that is strong on product-led growth and living our mission to build a product that delivers an exceptional experience to our customers.

We launched our demo in October, and I’ve been so excited about the feedback we’ve received from trial users who are validating our efforts founded on our product-led growth strategy. Our users are the key to our success and every piece of feedback we receive is valuable to us as we iterate, learn, and grow.

Our Ideas

We published the first-of-its-kind benchmarking report on Customer Success + Product Management Alignment. This is a topic that we are passionate about and expect to see more talk around in the coming years, but we wanted to set the foundation for this discussion because we believe the gaps in alignment between customer success and other departments must be addressed.

As a follow-up, we also published a tactical guide to setting the tone for alignment between Customer Success and Product Management in your own organizations.

Our Users

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank each and every one of our customers. It’s moving to build a community of users who are passionate about our mission and who are experiencing the same shifts that we are in the SaaS industry. I firmly believe that you can only be as great as the community you keep and the users you have.

What’s Next?

We’ll be exhibiting at SaaStr Annual in February and we hope to see many of you there. We’re currently running a demo; if you sign up for a trial of UserIQ and install your tracking code by 12/29, you’ll be entered for a chance to win 1 full conference ticket, as well as a hotel, flight, and a swag bag.

We can’t wait for what the next 365 days will bring. Again, thank you to each of our customers who have supported us, grown with us, and kept us going. None of this would be possible without each of you and we look forward to continuing our partnerships with you and supporting your customer growth goals this year and in the future.

We wish you the warmest holidays and a happy new year!

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