Build a Stronger Foundation to Reduce Churn

You’ve worked hard to build your customer base. UserIQ helps you ensure you can hold on to those customers by creating stellar experiences that make onboarding and adoption a no-brainer.

Optimize Onboarding

Onboarding is a make-or-break time for new users. Offer them the guidance they need to understand your product and use it to its fullest potential. Create customer onboarding interactions that your users appreciate and remember throughout every phase of their journey.

“UserIQ goes above and beyond to make sure that they deliver what they promise for their customers. The support is outstanding and the features are extremely helpful—particularly for reviewing product usage and tracking churn."

Sherry S.Director of Academic Success, TrueLearn

Create Personalized Experiences to Accelerate User Adoption

Transform your product from “interesting” to “irresistible” by showing customers the full value you have to offer. Deliver product tours that can be referenced and reviewed by any user at any time. Leverage comprehensive product usage analytics to understand what compels your customers.

Access Richer, More Relevant Customer Insights

Better insights lead to better products and more successful adoption. Identify power users and at-risk accounts to prevent churn and proactively facilitate success. View your entire customer base in visual data sets that show activity, product usage trends, and engagement details with both web and mobile analytics.

Reduce churn and build customers
for life with UserIQ.