Predictions Start Here

With rich — and gorgeous — data visualization, the UserIQ customer success platform will help you see areas that need improvement … before they go awry. Which begs the question: Was it actually a “problem” if you prevented it?

health dashboard

Gauge Customer Health

Thanks to the visually-stunning UserIQ customer health dashboard, you’ll see which customers are happy, which ones aren’t, and know which accounts have big swings that require action.

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UserIQ intelligence

See the Big (and Small) Picture

When you can drill down or see a holistic view on product usage, you’ll solve problems before they arise. UserIQ Intelligence is your early-warning system.

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customer success team

Guide Them to Success

Now, customer success teams can influence feature adoption. With UserIQ Campaigns, you’ll get more users using more stuff with onboarding tours and in-app tips.

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UserIQ data

Insights That Move You

How do you keep customers happy and renewing? Start with actionable insight.

With UserIQ, you can view your entire customer base in visual — and actionable — data sets that show activity, product use trends and more. When you truly understand what compels customers, adoption becomes so much easier.

Engage More Users

Sentiment Can Guide You

Hard data doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s why UserIQ adds customer and employee sentiment to the mix.

Identify promoters, passives and detractors with NPS surveys. Get instant opinions with micro feedback. Include CSM analysis with pulse scores. Sentiment + science is beautiful magic, friends.

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