Better Engagements, Higher Adoption

The UserIQ customer success platform combines user insights, product analytics and in-app engagement in one beautiful package. Love helping customers succeed? You’ll look smart and have fun doing it.

Predict behavior

Predict Account Behavior

Thanks to the visually-stunning UserIQ customer health dashboard, you’ll see which customers are happy, which ones are going to churn, and swing into action.

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Solve Problems with Insight

When you can drill down — or see a holistic view on product usage — you’ll identify issues before they arise. UserIQ Intelligence is your early-warning detection system.

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Watch Accounts Grow

Now, customer success teams can influence feature adoption and grow business. With UserIQ in-app Campaigns, you’ll drive expansion with onboarding tours and in-app tips.

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3,2,1 — Onboard

One of the top reasons why good customers churn? A bad onboarding experience.

UserIQ will help you start your relationship to its fullest potential. Create guided tours. Send in-app messages. Employ product usage analytics to customize the experience. Ready for take-off?

Start Onboarding

Keep Them in Orbit

With a solid onboarding experience in effect, now the real work begins: Keeping them happy and renewing.

With UserIQ, you can view your entire customer base in visual — and actionable — data sets that show health, activity, product use trends and more. When you know what compels customers, adoption, retention and expansion become easier.

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