From Onboarding to Advocacy

Armed with the UserIQ customer success platform, your software team has a powerful tool to guide users through the customer journey. You’ll enjoy customer insights, feature adoption tools, onboarding tours and other in-app engagements in one beautiful package.

health dashboard

Health Scores, Reimagined

With the UserIQ health score dashboard, you’ll see clearer signals.

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UserIQ vision

User & Account Intelligence

With UserIQ analytics, you’ll understand how customers use your software.

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Education Campaigns

Improve onboarding and adoption by delivering the perfect in-app message strategy.

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APPEALIE SaaS Software Award
UserIQ data


What are customers saying about your software? How are they using it? Who is in danger of attriting? Who will renew? With UserIQ, you’ll have account data, health snapshots and other features for a high user IQ.

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From guided onboarding tours to in-app tips, UserIQ will help you create the perfect user experience. And by customizing which data is important to you — such as logins or sentiment — you’ll have targeted insight to help increase adoption.

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UserIQ data


See who registers big swings in satisfaction or health. Act proactively on customer insights. Set a positive tone for the entire relationship. With UserIQ, there will be fewer surprise non-renewals and far more “attaboys”.

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“Before UserIQ, we were acting like firefighters. We were forced to be reactive. Now we’re able to prioritize what we do, who we target, and when we act.”

Carl Veillette

Co-founder and Vice President, BIM Track