Behind the Scenes at UserIQ: Why User Adoption?

By February 12, 2018Blog

After wrapping an awesome week at SaaStr Annual, I wanted to sit down, and not just because my feet are really sore, but because I wanted to reflect on what was a very successful show. I got to sit in on a lot of great sessions, talk to many amazing people at our booth, and see what others in the industry are doing to innovate. As the CMO, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking going into a big tradeshow with new messaging. I toss and turn wondering if it will resonate with our audience.

One of the keys to effectively executing a new marketing message is saturating everything with it. You can’t have your sales collateral say one thing and your product do something else. I think one of the most powerful things about where our messaging has landed and what made for such a successful SaaStr for UserIQ was that User Adoption is what we live and breathe every day and is a challenge we are trying to solve for each customer that works with us. So, if you’re asking “Why user adoption?” here’s why and how we’re focusing on that need.

Building our Story: The Vision

A story can’t start without a powerful vision and mission, and our CEO, Rachel Orston, gave a great presentation on Wednesday at SaaStr on The Fundamentals of User Adoption: What Changes and What Doesn’t As You Scale. If you missed it, keep an eye out for her recap blog and a slideshare of her deck coming later this week. In her discussion, she perfectly articulated our vision about why UserIQ is so passionate about solving these pain points that many of our customers are facing around how they can get users to adopt their product. There are tons of customer success and product solutions in the market that go straight to focusing on retention and expansion, but if you can’t get your users to adopt your solution, then retention and expansion will never happen. There are no shortcuts on the path to customer growth – you have to start with user adoption and get that right or you’ll pay the price later.  

Customer Growth

What I think is unique about what we’re doing is that it doesn’t matter if you’re in sales, marketing, customer success or product – each of these teams care about your users and has (or ideally should have) skin in the game to make them successful. User adoption is truly a team sport and becomes a collaborative effort. Let me give you a few examples of why this is the case:

  • If you’re in sales, it’s extremely important in the trial phase to understand what user actions in your product ultimately drive value or WOW moments from users that result in a conversion activity, like a trial to paid customer or an upgrade from one version to the next.
  • If you’re in product, you want to know what the most important features are inside of your application that your users find valuable and if they are adopting them today to inform your current and future product roadmap.
  • If you’re in customer success, you want to be able to drive usage of key features for each user towards desired outcomes and collect a comprehensive VOC.
  • If you’re in marketing, you want to understand who your best users are and understand what actions they are taking in your platform and why so you can run marketing campaigns to find similar new users.

Telling our Story: The Marketing/Sales Efforts at the Booth

Our booth at the show carried over Rachel’s message of User Adoption as we set up shop as ‘User Adoption Outfitters’. We modeled our booth after an old mountain outfitter storefront and helped visitors prepare for their user adoption journey. We gave away swag like trail mix (fuel), carabiners with flashlights, and of course t-shirts (gear). The ultimate giveaway was a ‘Conquer User Adoption Kit’ that included a YETI cooler with a FitBit Blaze, a Braven outdoor speaker, a Hydro Flask water bottle, a Polaroid instant camera, and an REI gift card. Our sales team, ‘the sherpas’ for the user adoption journey, even wore some UserIQ outdoor vests to really take our theme to the next level.

Adoption is a goal with every single user-type and attendees we met were all looking for a way to understand their users (data and health scoring), a way to make a positive impact during their product experience (guidance especially during adoption and updates), and finally a way to gather relevant feedback from relevant users. There are no shortcuts!

UserIQ_SaaStr Booth

We received great feedback on our booth standing out, our message resonating with visitors and people wanting to learn more about how UserIQ can help them better understand their users.

Showing Our Story: The Product

Finally, we rolled out a new release to our product last Monday centered around user adoption and answering the ‘why’ before the ‘what’ (something else that Rachel talked about in her presentation). All too often companies skip looking at ‘why are we doing this’ or those desired outcomes they are trying to solve for and instead go straight to the “what” or activities users are taking (or not taking) inside their product. Our ‘why’ behind this release was based on feedback we’ve received from customers on hurdles they experience day-to-day. Everything we did was built with our users in mind to create a more user-friendly experience that solves specific pain points and surface, in a meaningful way, the data we collect.  

This release focuses on expanding our user intelligence capabilities to give our users a deeper, more granular look at their customer and product data and its impact on the customer journey. New views expose data points and reports that are often buried in the massive amounts of user data collected each day within you product. This improve the analytics and reporting capabilities to offer a smoother, more valuable experience and clear, actionable data on your users to provide you with everything you needed to make user adoption successful.  

UserIQ Dashboard

What’s Next in Our Story

As you can see, I’m extremely passionate about what we’re doing and excited about our vision, message, and the product. And we’re just getting started with what we’re doing around user adoption. If you missed us at SaaStr, we’re happy to setup a demo to tell you more.

Stay tuned in the coming months for some exciting announcements as we continue to build a true User Adoption Hub for the SaaS community. Sign up using the form to the right of this blog if you want to be the first to know about what’s to come!

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