What’s New at UserIQ? An Interview with Aaron Aycock and JD Uchima

By April 25, 2019Blog, Product Updates

The team at UserIQ is always looking to improve our customers’ experiences with our product. Our latest release brings some exciting improvements to the UserIQ application, so we sat down with our founder and Chief Product Officer, Aaron Aycock, along with our Director of User Experience, JD Uchima, to get the scoop. Here are some highlights:

UserIQ's Aaron Aycock and JD Uchima

So, at a high level, what is this latest release all about?

Aaron: The changes within this release cover three main areas: speed, user experience (UX), and the overall look-and-feel (UI) of the application.

The speed improvements result from our move to the React framework. UserIQ’s mobile capabilities are built in React, so it made sense to have our developers working within the same framework across platforms. Also, because React is a modern, component-based framework, it will allow us to build features faster. I’ll let JD talk specifics on some of the UX and UI changes.

Thanks, Aaron. JD, can you dig in a bit more on some of the key UX and UI changes that we can expect?

JD: Sure. I’m excited about the updates that we’re rolling out with this new release. From a UX standpoint, we really listened to our customers and were thoughtful about the improvements made to the app. Just to call out one update in particular, we optimized the campaign creation process in this release, making the steps to creating a campaign shorter and more logical. We added a full-screen campaign preview at the end of the process that helps our users review their web and mobile campaigns at a glance, have peace of mind before launching a campaign, and gives them the ability to quickly resolve issues in previous steps. And that’s just a single example. While the UX changes may seem small, collectively they provide a big impact to the customer.

And, with respect to some of the UI changes, we really wanted to give UserIQ a unique and identifiable look-and-feel. Much like the UX updates, the changes are subtle but collectively have an awesome impact. We lightened up some of the coloring, rolled out a new font and iconography, and added some depth and subtle animation to give the app a more modern, sophisticated feel. That’s probably way too nerdy for your blog post…

Not at all! It sounds like a ton of planning and thought went into this.  What helped to inform some of these changes that were made?

Aaron: Really our customers did the talking on this one. Last year, we put out a custom in-app survey requesting product feedback and got an incredible response. We even did some analysis using our Journey Paths feature, which taught us a lot about how our customers navigate from our Dashboard. The React framework paves the way for us to take what we’ve learned and put it into action.

In addition to the knowledge-gathering we did through analytics, JD also led a team in conducting onsite customer visits so that we could do a real ‘deep dive’ into what our customers were looking for.

JD: Agreed. The analytic and onsite work was really insightful. Also, I’d say that some of the changes were informed by where UserIQ is as a company right now. From a UI standpoint, we wanted to give the platform a lighter, more streamlined look-and-feel now that the company is 5 years old. We’re really coming into our own and wanted the application to better reflect that maturity.

Speaking of coming into our own, will this release help lay the groundwork for any exciting future product updates at UserIQ?

Aaron: Definitely. In a lot of ways, this release tees us up for some really big enhancements that’ll be coming up this year. These new features will be particularly helpful for customer success teams as they work to plan, manage, and prioritize their tasks and customer interactions. We think people will be very excited about these enhancements, so stay tuned for more details from us in the not-too-distant future.

Curious about UserIQ? Check out our demo to see it in action!

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