Webinar: The State of Customer Success and Trends for 2017

By November 8, 2016Blog

With the cost to acquire a new customer at 4 to 10x the cost to keep an existing one, the key metrics of company growth shouldn’t be solely focused on acquiring new customers. Metrics and focus instead should be heavily weighted on retaining existing customers, expanding their accounts and turning them into loyal advocates who in turn help your product and company achieve optimal growth. In 2017, there will continue to be an increased emphasis on customer success to promote loyalty and drive revenue throughout the customer journey.  

Join us for a webinar on December 6, 2016 as we examine the key findings from our survey, Customer Success Trends for 2017, that will shape the SaaS landscape, and hear from a panel of industry experts who will share best practices for driving customer growth across their organization.

This webinar will:

  • Identify key industry trends affecting customer success and what that means for businesses going forward
  • Discuss customer success predictions for 2017 based on survey findings
  • Provide use cases any organization can follow to build on customer success as the key strategy for growth and long-term sustainability
  • Present approaches to follow for any individual or organization that wants to take accountability for customer growth and customer health

We’ll be joined by industry thought leaders Alex Obikhod, Leader, Global Escalation Management, VMWare Airwatch; Tim Schukar, Customer Success Consultant, Digital Disruption Group; and Lawton Ursrey, Manager of Customer Success, Sage.  

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