How to Blend Onboarding Approaches to Maximize User Adoption


[1:02] Panelist introductions

[6:35] Q1: What are the key components to developing an effective onboarding program?

[12:20] Q2: How should the creation of digital/high-tech onboarding programs be handled between CS and Product teams?

[19:50] We share some examples of the in-app and email engagements we use at UserIQ to assist users through onboarding and drive adoption.

[22:15] Q3: How does UserIQ take new users through the onboarding process? (We share even more examples and even share a version of the onboarding blueprint we use.)

[31:01] Q4: How do you segment your users during the onboarding process? (We share examples of some of the key onboarding segments we use to track usage and user behavior, and deliver milestone-based engagements via email and in-app).

[41:54] Q5: What are common ways to measure the effectiveness of your user onboarding process?

[48:52] Q&A from our audience

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