Why UserIQ’s Salesforce Integration is a Marketer’s Dream

By June 28, 2017Blog, Marketing

The days of siloed departments heads-down on their own agenda are a thing of the past. Persistent advancements in SaaS technology have made companies faster, more automated, and more connected, ultimately setting the bar for the type of encounter an individual expects to have with your business. If we’re going to achieve that seamless, tailored experience customers demand, we have to have fluid communication and integrated systems across departments.

Many of us have implemented game-changing ABM strategies and technology within our sales and marketing departments but it can’t stop there. I’m talking about addressing your audience’s evolving needs as they move from prospects to customers to advocates. A marketer’s work is not complete after that first log-in. UserIQ’s Salesforce integration enables sales and marketing teams to have visibility into user segments and leverage that information throughout their lead generation and nurturing efforts.   

Trial Users

Trial users are the cream of the crop when it comes to marketing leads. If you aren’t giving these leads the attention they deserve, you’re missing a huge opportunity. It’s risky letting new users wander around your application with no guidance or communication. This is an invitation for them to fail before they have a fair chance at success. With UserIQ’s Salesforce integration, you can access answers directly in your CRM to questions like:

– Which trial users have not logged in since signup?

– Which features have or haven’t been used in the first week?

– What actions are prospects taking that make them most likely to convert?

This information can be used to trigger meaningful communication with prospects which will increase your trial to signup conversions. As an example, you can identify those users who haven’t logged in since signup and personally reach out to them to find out why. Alternatively, if you have your marketing automation platform integrated with Salesforce, you can even trigger an automated email offering “how to get started” guidance.

VOC (Voice of the Customer) Campaigns

UserIQ Feedback Campaigns give insights into how your product is solving common pain points for your customers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to bother customer success to identify a power user or high promoting company to get customer quotes for marketing campaigns. Even then, they were just guessing based on relationships they have with clients. With this integration, segments can be pulled from data in multiple platforms. These segments can combine demographic data from Salesforce with behavioral data from UserIQ to reach the custom audiences needed.   

One of my favorite examples of this is for competitor campaigns. Identify customers that switched from a competitor who also have a high NPS survey rating to speak to the value and competitive advantages of your platform. Some of your prospects aren’t even aware of the success they’re missing out on, so let their peers tell them.

Product Releases  

Get visibility in Salesforce on which users are quick to adopt your newest features. You could also launch a custom in-app survey to see how customers rate that particular feature. All this information can be used in your product marketing efforts, showing other users real-life success stories of the newest release.

Beyond that, identifying and leveraging power users as product resources enables you to plant the seed for others to “level up.” Move your new users along the customer journey by partnering them with those power users. This could be through creating a group where shared experiences live or a simple email exchange.

At the end of the day, your prospects trust your existing customer’s opinions above anything else. In a world of endless SaaS options, we have to challenge the status quo. This requires that we think big picture and map our lead lifecycles all the way through. Cross-departmental business goals are not only met, but exceeded when alignment between people, processes, and technology are achieved.

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