UserIQ Releases Results of 2018 User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Survey

By August 20, 2018Blog, User Adoption

At UserIQ, we live and breathe user adoption, and are always looking to dig deeper into this important, yet difficult, topic.  

That’s why, earlier this year, we released the User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Survey. We were eager to see how big of a role user adoption plays in the customer journey, where teams are finding success and where they’re struggling. Taken by more than 450 SaaS leaders, we gathered tons of compelling feedback from customer success, product, sales, and marketing leaders primarily in B2B companies in the 50-999 employee size range. Based on the results, we developed a report, breaking down how SaaS companies prioritize user adoption and onboarding and uncovering the top trends and challenges companies are facing today. 

The survey found that 74% of respondents are spending up to half their week on user adoption challenges but 40% say their organization has no formal strategy in place. It’s accurate to say successful onboarding is essential to user adoption and user adoption is the foundation to driving long-term revenue. However when it comes to executing and prioritizing those initiatives, there seems to be a disconnect. After analyzing the results, here’s a quick look at the top takeaways:

  1. Companies want onboarding at scale. While 62% are satisfied with their onboarding process, many indicate that they are worried about how to provide training at scale. With 72% of onboarding teams only having 1-10 people, it’s clear that limited headcount can have a dramatic impact on the ability to scale.
  2. Companies struggle to measure user adoption. User adoption is difficult to measure — it requires a holistic approach which includes tracking the success of onboarding efforts, time-to-value (TTV) and ongoing user sentiment. Only 33% of respondents say they have visibility into their users’ onboarding progress, making it difficult to accurately measure user adoption.
  3. Companies have little focus on and accountability to user adoption. While respondents rank user adoption as very or extremely important to their organization, only 19% of respondents said they had a dedicated onboarding team. This lack of accountability creates workflow confusion and difficulty securing internal resources, management support, and funding.

While companies clearly care about and recognize the importance of user adoption and onboarding, they are overlooking significant gaps in their analytics and strategies. This results in processes that are not scalable, data-driven or unified. To correct these issues, the report offers recommendations and best practices to put you on the right path.

You can access the full report here: 2018 SaaS User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Report

We also hosted a webinar with Kia Puhm (Founder of K!A CX Consulting), Allison Pickens (CCO at Gainsight), and our own Rachel Orston (CEO at UserIQ) to help us reflect on these findings and uncover trends and next steps. You can check that out here.

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