UserIQ releases new Segmented Customer Health Dashboard

Hot off the presses is UserIQ’s new Segmented Customer Health Dashboard! We are so excited about the targeting and reporting possibilities this new feature provides for our customers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Often times, your definition of health for a particular user group (aka segment) is different from your definition of health for your overall customer base. Segmented Dashboard is a perfect way to break your customer health dashboard down by segment and assign a unique definition of health to each churn indicator for a segment.

For now, segmented dashboard requires that segment criteria “roll up” to the account level (we’ll be releasing a user-level function in the coming months) so you’ll need to run a compatibility check to make sure your criteria matches the account-level requirement. At the bottom of your Create Segment or Edit Segment screen, you’ll see this:

UserIQ Segmented Customer Health Dashboard_CompatibilityCheck

That big green check mark means the segment criteria you’ve selected is compatible with AccountIQ and usable to create a segmented dashboard.

How should I use segmented dashboard?

With segmented dashboard, the possibilities are endless. A few common examples are:

  • A dashboard for trial vs paying users
    • You may consider weighting feature adoption more heavily for trial users as this is a key indicator of their conversion potential.
  • Dashboards for each of your subscription tiers
    • You may want to adjust the weight of the sentiment score based on which tier an account is currently in; perhaps you care more about the NPS rating of your enterprise customers compared to starter users.
  • Dashboards for accounts using a particular integration
    • You may be interested to compare the health of accounts using a certain integration versus the health of those that aren’t.

How do I get to my segmented dashboards?

Once you’ve created segments that meet the account-level requirement, you’ll need to set the thresholds for your health criteria for that segment in your Site Settings.

Once you’ve set your thresholds, you’ll see “AccountIQ Segments” and a dropdown at the top of your normal dashboard. You can choose your selected segments from that list.

UserIQ Segmented Customer Health Dashboard_Segment Selection

You’ll see every section of the dashboard changes to reflect the segment you’ve chosen—from the health categories and timeline to users currently online, active campaigns, total session count by week, and starred feature usage.

UserIQ Segmented Customer Health Dashboard

How many segmented dashboards can I have?

You can have as many segmented dashboards as you like.

Get started with segmented dashboard today and let us know what you think!

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