UserIQ is Your Pendo Alternative

Track feature usage. Predict user behavior. Guide customers to value. If you’re building a product roadmap, your journey starts here.

Looking for a post-sales platform that will help your Product and Customer Success teams?

  • Product intelligence. Understand the user journey and predict potential trouble spots.
  • In-app engagements. Drive usage and adoption with tooltips and other campaign features.
  • Voice of the Customer. Manage your user sentiment program inside the app and see that data work with  product usage intelligence.

UserIQ is so intuitive, it will be quickly adopted, resulting in a faster time to value than other platforms.

Looking for a Pendo alternative?

Optimize the product experience. Delight your users. Everybody wins.


UserIQ is the one platform giving you the power to:

  • Understand the user journey leveraging Product Intelligence
  • Drive usage & adoption with In-App Engagements
  • Get real feedback using Voice of the Customer Surveys & NPS

Simple yet powerful. Built by people with a passion for customers.


Great Brands Trust UserIQ

“We get 3x the interaction rate on features when we use UserIQ’s tooltips to point them out than when we don’t. Just that extra little nudge has made a huge difference.”

Tad K.
VP of Client Services, Intellum

“We needed a way to analyze usage data, send in-app messages, and track customer health, and UserIQ had the full package of what we were looking for.”

Andy Schrader
Chief Product Officer, Reveal Mobile