UserIQ’s Launcher engagement is a new way to shift the onboarding game in your favor by offering a self-service option for reaching new customers inside your application. It’s a one-stop-shop providing new users all the information they need to get started in your product. Just like all of UserIQ’s engagements, Launcher can be targeted and customized giving you the ability to provide segmented onboarding by audience and a unique experience for each specific user persona. Launcher offers a quick and easy way to show specific content to a group of users and pull together campaigns across engagement types—like guided tours, announcements, tooltips, etc.—all into one place. Use Launcher to give your users help when they want it, where they need it, and with the right content.

Launcher helps shape customer behaviors in a positive way: adoption rates are improved and health scores increase. Launcher may be the perfect solution for customers who may not be adopting fully. Every user is unique and Launcher allows them, at any stage, to explore and adopt features at their own pace. Additionally, data collected based on customer interactions with Launcher further influences customer health scores and churn indicators.

All of the Launcher’s colors, fonts, and iconography can be fully customized to match your brand guidelines.

UserIQ Launcher

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