Get full access to UserIQ for free!

We’re thrilled to announce that UserIQ is now offering a free trial of our Customer Growth Platform™. Trial customers will get full access to the platform so they can track user behavior, deliver targeted in-product engagements, and segment users based on in-app behavior and demographics.

UserIQ’s comprehensive platform encompasses three primary pillars: customer health, user intelligence, and targeted engagements. These pillars work together to help your team create an exceptional product experience by delivering what each user needs to be successful in the moment. As a result, you’ll accelerate onboarding, improve feature adoption, reduce churn, and ultimately drive more revenue throughout the customer journey.

UserIQ_Customer Growth Platform“Offering a trial experience for our customers helps us drive success from the very beginning,” said Aaron Aycock, Chief Product Officer at UserIQ. “We can learn so much about our customers’ desired outcomes and ensure we’re a good fit to meet that outcome without a high barrier to entry.”

A successful trial with UserIQ entails a few key milestones:

    1. Implementation of the UserIQ tracking code to the footer of your SaaS application
    2. Ensuring data flow so you can setup customizable churn indicators that inform your customer health dashboard
    3. Deploying in-app engagements, like NPS surveys, guided tours, or announcements

If you’re interested in starting your free trial of UserIQ, you can sign up here. A UserIQ team member will contact you within one business day to learn more about your goals so we can create a customized trial just for your business.

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