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It’s our mission to help companies improve end-user adoption and onboarding to accelerate time-to-value.
Here’s what our customers have to say about working with UserIQ.

Case Studies and Testimonials

“Thanks to UserIQ, Manheim has been able to successfully onboard hundreds of users, both internal and external, to our newest and most powerful features. In addition, by utilizing UserIQ’s in-app guided tours and analytics, we know that the numbers of customers who use these features is also increasing.”

Chuck Konfrst
Director of UX, Product Design & Usability at Manheim


“We’re working towards being more proactive with our customers and doing less ‘firefighting’ overall. UserIQ allows us to identify potential issues early on and proactively reach out to our customers—showing them we’re engaged and concerned about their success/failure with our products.”

Megan Carnaghi
Customer Success Manager at TechSmith

“We use this tool to keep an eye on our less active accounts. It helps us to be proactive with our clients, and saves us countless hours of manual monitoring. Keeping track of the “little things” that make a big difference. We have definitely elevated our client relationships by being able to better anticipate our customer’s needs.”

Tad Kozak
VP of Client Services at Intellum


“Implementing UserIQ has helped CollectorDash better understand our users and how they use our site. As a result, we have been able to successfully drive customers towards a broader adoption of many of our features by utilizing the on-site messaging and targeted engagement that UserIQ provides.”

Bryce Jones
President at CollectorDASH

“UserIQ has given us tremendous insight into how our customers interact with the platform. The ability to segment users by feature adoption has allowed Customer Success to create targeted upsell, new product launch and adoption campaigns to educate and support our customers. We also know how engaged each customer is with our platform to be targeted and proactive in our customer education.”

Amber Haack
VP of Customer Success at Springbot


“Our customers are change averse and we wanted to provide a solution that would help them understand what was changing with our platform and the benefits of what we were doing. UserIQ developed a creative solution to solve this problem and we’ll be using their guided tour on our site. We expect a fairly easy transition thanks to the UserIQ team being creative and responsive to our needs.”

Greg Hearn
Senior Product Manager at Manheim

“We rely on UserIQ to inform users about events and promotions that are relevant to them. Email inboxes are becoming more and more clogged, so it’s imperative that we can rise above the noise by reaching users where they are – in our platform. UserIQ cuts down on hours of development time it would take to try and do this ourselves! With UserIQ, we can serve targeted messaging directly to select groups – based on usage habits or identifiers pulled right from​ ​Salesforce. I recommend UserIQ to anyone who needs to communicate in-product messaging and wants to enhance, rather than disrupt, user experience.”

Marilyn Mead
Product Marketing Manager at The List

“UserIQ is an enormously effective tool for assisting, understanding and communicating with our customers. The biggest benefit I get is being able to segment my users by almost any metric so that I can customize programs and campaigns for more surgical precision. There are other companies that have similar products, but UserIQ has proved to be very nimble and able to make changes and improvements at a much faster pace than others.”

Tim Thomas
Senior Director of Product Management & Strategy at ControlScan

“UserIQ is a flexible and powerful platform for customer health scoring, NPS collection, in-product onboarding, educational marketing, and usage insights – all in one. Since adopting, we’ve gained confidence in assessing the health of our customers, saved countless hours in reporting, and freed the process of building effective onboarding from the development team.”

Josh Holnagel
Customer Growth Specialist at TechSmith

“UserIQ has given us tremendous insight into how our users interact with the platform. The ability to segment users by feature adoption has allowed us to create targeted campaigns via multiple channels to educate and support our users. In addition, the ability for us to know how engaged each user is with our platform allows us to be proactive in our user education.”

Ray Babul
General Manager at CollegePlannerPro

“Simple implementation, great features, fantastic support. The UserIQ team really goes out of its way to make sure we have everything we need so we can effectively enhance our digital experiences.”

Esther Kim
Campaign & Content Manager at RentPath

“UserIQ has allowed Winmo/TheList to create guided tours and messages that ensure our customers are getting the most out of our platforms. Most recently we used UserIQ to promote our new webinar series and we doubled the number of signups. In addition, deep user intelligence lets us see which features are or aren’t working and helps us keep a close eye on customer health. As we build new products, UserIQ allows us to deliver relevant messages to customers across our brand, which is critical to our growth.”

Rob Tursi
QA Engineer & Product Specialist at The List

“UserIQ is a powerful tool for messaging users at the right time in-app when they’re more prime to receive an outreach from us. Email open rates can’t touch what we’re able to do with in-app campaigns.”

Chris Walters
Customer Lifecycle Manager at ShootProof

“UserIQ has great support and I love the live tutorials they offer on the platform. Their team has been super helpful in getting us up and running as quickly as possible.”

Linnea Hansson
Customer Success Manager at Kodiak Rating

“Thanks to UserIQ we know more about our clients in days than we have known in years.”

Allison Grenney
Director of Operations at Pairin

“Before UserIQ we had zero visibility into what our clients were using from a product usage perspective and didn’t know what they liked most and what they didn’t. Now with UserIQ, we can see what customers are actually using so we can make better product roadmap decisions.”

Adam Cooney
Director of Customer Success at Kenect

“UserIQ is easy to use, helps us gather insights about user onboarding and drives our product roadmap.”

Eike Malavasi
Customer Success Manager at Sensedia

“UserIQ gives us access to the data we need to segment our customer database and build customer health dashboards to better understand our accounts. It’s a great tool for both our product and customer success team.”

Jeff Jones
COO and Co-Founder, Kenect

G2 Crowd Reviews

“We had absolutely zero visibility into what our clients were using from a product usage perspective and needed to see what they liked most and what they didn’t use. UserIQ has solved that issue for us.”

Adam C.

“We get tons of value out of UserIQ but one of the more useful capabilities is to provide timely, personalize onboarding to our users without having to commit development resources.”

Brandon K.

“We are using UserIQ to understand client health and help support the onboarding experience. Within day’s we know more about our clients than we have known in years.”

Allison G.

“If you have any need to communicate with users through your website/platform, UserIQ has done the work for you. Don’t waste dev time trying to implement your own solution, give these guys a call!”

Marilyn M.

“My favorite thing about UserIQ is that I don’t need to get a developer or graphic designer involved to send out our release notes, webinar notifications, and tool tips.”

Dianna L.

“Using UserIQ, as marketers we can design, implement, measure and continuously tweak the impact of in-app campaigns. This is a much better formula for creating positive user engagement.”

Carrie K.

“UserIQ’s different notification options allow us to tailor our messages and tours to the best user experience.”

Jake F.

“With UserIQ we have been able to promote new features, conduct surveys and gather customer sentiment via in app NPS.”

Evan N.

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