User Adoption Toolkit

All the tools you need to drive successful adoption from each of your users

What Is User Adoption?

User adoption is the process of ensuring each of your users is successful in using your product to achieve their business goals. This is critical for SaaS (software-as-a-service) businesses who rely on recurring revenue because, if managed effectively, it leads to higher retention rates and unlocks new revenue growth opportunities for your business.

A strong user adoption strategy can mean the difference between growth and churn, which is why getting it right is a must for SaaS companies today. It is a fundamental element to the customer journey that must come before retention, expansion, or advocacy.

But that shouldn’t mean adding more complexity to your customer success strategy. We’ve put together this complete user adoption toolkit to help you develop a simple and sane adoption journey for your customers that keeps them engaged and successful with your product.

Fundamentals of User Adoption

The Fundamentals of
User Adoption

A presentation on the importance of successful user adoption, with practical ideas for approaching it in your organization.

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Introduction to
Customer Onboarding

A high-level view of the strategies, processes, and tools for developing an onboarding plan for your customers.

Onboarding Guide

Guide to Customer Onboarding: The Best First Step to User Adoption

A playbook to developing an effective & scaleable onboarding program for your users that guides them to success.

*Includes 3 additional resources.

User Adoption Checklist

User Adoption

A checklist of the 7 essentials you need to start your user adoption journey.

Asset Kit

Asset Kit for
Engagement Campaigns

A bundle of templates with copy & design ideas for in-app engagements that you can use to increase interactions with your users and guide them to successful product adoption.

Coming soon!

Map Workbook

User Adoption Journey
Map Workbook

A simple workbook to help you develop your own user adoption journey map using the template we provided.

Coming soon!

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