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User Adoption

In this video series, we take a deep dive into UserIQ’s 2018 User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Report, based on a survey taken earlier this year by over 450 SaaS leaders. We wanted to know — how are companies addressing user adoption challenges today? How are they measuring success, executing initiatives and maintaining momentum? To help us dig into these key findings, we’re featuring the customer success experts themselves.


“What I think it’ll take to bridge the gap between awareness and action is creating a system. And a system is something that is repeatable over and over. This requires having a longterm view, and one of the big picture.”

Nils Vinje
Founder of Glide Consulting

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“User adoption is the fundamental basis upon which to retain and grow customers. Customers need to be using the products and services they bought otherwise they simply won’t renew or use more.”

Kia Puhm
Founder of KIA CX Consulting

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“The only way that you can be truly successful with onboarding is you understand what the customer is looking to accomplish, not the big picture that you get as part of the sales process, but the fine-grained details.”

Todd Eby
Founder & President of SuccessHACKER

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“Customer onboarding metrics will vary at each company. The key is finding what metric to focus on at the right time.”

Bill Cushard
Head of Marketing at ServiceRocket

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“The definition of time-to-value is your customer’s definition and not you as a vendor, which is a mistake that a lot of companies make.”

Matt Myszkowski
VP EMEA Customer Success at SAP Digital 

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“It’s very imperative that the CSM’s be the good cop/bad cop, and serve as the quarterback for the client during the onboarding period.”

Irit Eizips
CEO at CSM Practice

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“Ask yourself — would your customers’ miss you if you were gone, or your product/service was no longer being provided? If the answer is no, it’s time to set more aggressive goals.”

Ellie Wu 
Senior Director, Customer Success at SAP Concur

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