Thanks for Joining Us on the User Adoption Expedition!

While the user adoption expedition has come to a close, it was quite an adventure! We visited four destinations across the U.S. to take the conversation on the road and learn how experts in SaaS companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries are tackling the challenges of making their users successful in every moment.

To kick off the expedition, we hosted the first event in our own backyard in Atlanta, GA. We took the camp to 5 Seasons Brewing where panelists and attendees discussed user adoption over a few brews, starting at basecamp. What are the fundamentals of user adoption? How can you align teams across the organization to ensure your users’ experience is a seamless transition from buyer to customer?

Check out the User Adoption Expedition: Camp Atlanta recap blog to learn more about what we heard from our panel are the tactics for creating a successful user adoption strategy and how they feed into other steps in the customer journey.

Bryan Brown
Chief Product Officer

Amber Haack
VP of Customer Success

Liz Pastor
VP of Customer Support

Dave Thomson
List Partners

We took our second camp to New York, New York at WeWork Lounge, a cozy spot settled in the heart of SoMa. After covering the fundamentals of user adoption and team alignment, we wanted to address the common hurdles SaaS businesses face when it comes to onboarding and adoption, and share real-world examples and proven tactics to build a user adoption strategy that can be implemented as a company-wide effort.

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Jonathan Bartlett VP of Product Contently

Jesse Brightman Head of Customer Success stensul

Chad Horenfeldt VP, Client Success Updater

Marc Johnson CEO & GM Bombora

Lauren Pica Director of Marketing Communications Outbrain

For the third leg of our User Adoption Expedition, we continued our journey in Boston, MA, a city that has become a major stage for SaaS startup companies offering unique and groundbreaking technologies. We shifted focus in this panel discussion to hone in on the importance of giving users a voice during the onboarding and adoption process and the impact of the voice of the customer in iterating and improving adoption strategies.

Check out the User Adoption Expedition: Camp Boston recap blog to hear best practices and tactics for collecting VOC within your company and how you can drive urgency to get your customers to see value quickly.

Renee Bochman
VP of Customer Engagement

Sam Clemens
Head of Product & Co-Founder

Alex Hesterberg
SVP & Chief Customer Officer

Seth Wylie
Principal of Customer Success Operations

For our last stop, we headed to the west coast to visit the heart of tech itself, San Francisco. After covering the fundamentals of user adoption, proven tactics for building a strong user adoption strategy, and how to give your users a voice throughout the customer journey, we wanted to end by bridging the gap between awareness and action. Where are the disconnects in user adoption and onboarding, and how can SaaS companies overcome those challenges? To cover this, we referenced key findings from UserIQ’s 2018 SaaS User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Report released earlier this year.

Check out the User Adoption Expedition: Camp San Francisco recap blog to learn more about how top SaaS companies are tackling alignment issues when it comes to user adoption and onboarding.

Ryan Deforest

Ryan DeForest
Head of User Success

Jamie Domenici

Jamie Domenici
Global Senior Vice President Customer Adoption, Marketing, & Business Development

Brian Kaminski

Brian Kaminski

Subha Shetty
VP of Product & User Experience

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