What’s the User Adoption Expedition and
Who Should Attend?

The User Adoption Expedition was created from the idea that customer growth isn’t just about retention or advocacy; it is a multi-step journey that happens in phases. But before you can begin to reap the benefits, you have to commit to making your users successful— how does that happen? It starts with better adoption of your product and that involves everyone from customer success, product, and marketing.

If you care about your users and making them successful, then this is an event you won’t want to miss.  We promise real conversations, great food and drinks (in a super cool venue) and surefire tips you can incorporate with your current processes.

“What you guys are doing to foster knowledge sharing and growth of product and customer success organizations in the market is great! Looking forward to attending more of these!”

— User Adoption Expedition Atlanta Camp attendee

We recently published the ‘2018 SaaS User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Report’ which found that 3 out of 4 respondents are spending up to half their week dealing with user adoption initiatives, but nearly 50% of them have no formal user adoption programs in place. There’s a huge disconnect to be spending that much time on projects when there’s no strategy, no formal program and no measurement taking place.

So how do you build, measure and execute a successful user adoption program? Join us Tuesday, October 16th at 6:00pm at Covo for the fourth leg of the User Adoption Expedition where we’ll start at basecamp discussing how best-in-class organizations are making user adoption a top priority. You’ll learn tips for aligning your organization to ensure users have a voice starting in onboarding and how to set yourself and your users up for success throughout the customer journey.

Ryan Deforest

Ryan DeForest
Head of User Success

Jamie Domenici

Jamie Domenici
Global Senior Vice President Customer Adoption, Marketing and Business Development

Brian Kaminski

Brian Kaminski

Subha Shetty
VP of Product & User Experience

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Where’s the User Adoption
Expedition Headed Next?

The key to a great expedition is to reach new heights and experience different places, so we’re taking the next parts of this journey to a city near you. Find out where we’re headed next and check back for more details as we approach the next events.

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