What’s the User Adoption Expedition and
Who Should Attend?

The User Adoption Expedition was created from the idea that customer growth isn’t just about retention or advocacy; it is a multi-step journey that happens in phases. But before you can begin to reap the benefits, you have to commit to making your users successful— how does that happen? It starts with better adoption of your product and that involves everyone from customer success, product, marketing and sales.

If you care about your users and making them successful, then this is an event you won’t want to miss.  We promise real conversations, great food and drinks (in a super cool venue) and surefire tips you can incorporate with your current processes.

Camp Atlanta

The Atlanta camp will take place at 5 Seasons Brewing on April 17th at 5:30 pm and 
will consist of a panel discussion on the fundamentals of user adoption and how to align customer success, product management, and sales teams to ensure your users experience 
a seamless transition from buyer to customer.

We’ll talk about common hurdles that SaaS businesses face when it comes to onboarding and adoption and give real-world examples and proven tactics to build a user adoption strategy that can be implemented as a company-wide effort.

Your guides for this expedition include:

Bryan Brown

Chief Product Officer

Amber Haack

Amber Haack

VP of Customer Success


Liz Pastor

Director of Support Ops, Product


Dave Thomson


List Partners

Where’s the User Adoption
Expedition Headed Next?

The key to a great expedition is to reach new heights and experience different places, so we’re taking the next parts of this journey to a city near you. Find out where we’re headed next and check back for more details as we approach the next events.

New York Roadshow
Boston Roadshow
San Francisco Roadshow

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