User Adoption Expedition – Camp New York: A Recap

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And just like that, the second leg of our User Adoption Expedition is complete! We had such an amazing time hosting Camp New York and watching the expedition take flight to a new city. Our panelists led a fantastic discussion as they each gave their unique take on user adoption and strategies for achieving success at every step of the customer journey. Guests and panelists were able to network over food and drinks as they shared tips, tricks and advice for those looking to successfully conquer user adoption.

The panel discussion was led by Lauren Pica (Director of Marketing Communications at Outbrain), Marc Johnson (CEO and GM of Bombora), Chad Horenfeldt (Vice President, Client Success at Updater), Jesse Brightman (Head of Customer Success at stensul) and Jonathan Bartlett (VP of Product at Contently) and was moderated by Rachel Orston (CEO of UserIQ). With each panelist having a unique background and varying experiences, we kicked off the night  with this question:

1. What does user adoption mean to you and your role and how important is understanding your users?

Lauren gave us a fresh take on user adoption by providing us with the “lighthouse” metaphor. The user experience is the light, and adoption of a product doesn’t always mean they’re successful. In order to achieve adoption and be successful with the product, focusing on the user’s overall experience will guide the way.

We also enjoyed hearing Jonathan and Chad’s holistic approaches to creating a strategy. As Chad put it simply, adoption is a means to an end. Adoption is just a piece of the puzzle; the end goal is achieving client outcomes. In addition, we loved that Jesse mentions the notion that usage precedes value. Without that, we have nothing!

Marc also made a great point by speaking to other platforms. Are you mapping the user experience not just in your own platform, but for others as well?

Between the panelists, the consensus stood that no matter the role or department you’re in, having a holistic approach to user adoption is key in creating an effective strategy.  

NYC User Expedition

2. There’s such a big focus on data in user adoption. What data do you focus on and find most important to track? At times when we become too centered on data, what else should we be focusing on?

We loved Jesse and Chad’s similar approach as it relates to retention. When it comes to data, Chad pays the most attention to data that determines what will keep a client with them, and opportunities they have to upsell them. To piggyback, Jesse adds that his best customers are also his best prospects, because they already understand their value proposition.

Lauren made the point that sometimes it’s the simplest bits of data that pave the way, even if it’s data from one campaign. Marc notes that being responsive to that data and having visibility are critical to measuring the success of that data.

Lauren, Jonathan and Marc did a wonderful job explaining how analyzing data relates to their client relationships. When you become fixated on data, remembering to have those real conversations with clients and customers is crucial. Active listening and being proactive with your teams can help tremendously in narrowing your focus and bettering your product. It’s also important to consider how the data will not only impact the customers, but the internal teams relationships with the customers as well.

User Adoption NYC Panel

3. What advice would you give to others that that are trying to get their head around these same problems?

This last question was a great transition into the Q&A, and our panelists brought tons of ideas to the table. We loved Marc’s blunt approach, as he says, “no one wants more things to do.” The trick is honing in on what they’re already doing, and working to perfect those areas.

From the customer success side, we loved Jesse’s idea of making your customers your champions. If it’s good for the customer, it’s good for the company and good for the culture. Letting the customer know that the entire company cares about them sets the tone for the relationship.

We admire Lauren’s transparency when it comes to getting scrappy. Building internal relationships with your team allows you to be unconventional and get in to the nitty gritty!

So where are we headed?

We’re two down and two to go! We’ve conquered the first half of our User Adoption Expedition and we’re headed to Boston in August. Stay tuned for updates via social media as we release the details of our next expedition! In the meantime, keep the user adoption conversation going by joining the Success Masters Community on LinkedIn.

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