The Real Value in Voice of the Customer

UserIQ helps businesses collect and analyze critical voice of the customer feedback throughout every moment of their product journey.


Meaningful Voice of the Customer Programs Help You Understand the Customer Experience

Giving your users a voice that is represented in the evolution of your product and your company is critical in the Age of the Customer. Your customers want to know that their voice is valued, and your team wants to know how to improve in order to deliver success in every moment.

Capture valuable customer sentiment

Use NPS surveys either in-app or via email so you can gauge your detractors, passives, and promoters. Break down NPS responses by segment for even deeper understanding.

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Let your customers speak their minds

Custom surveys give users an opportunity to tell you exactly what they think with open-ended, qualitative questions. When users take time to share their responses with you, you’ll uncover valuable feedback to help you improve their experience.

Collect in-the-moment feedback on specific features

UserIQ’s micro-feedback campaigns allow your teams to create quick, real-time rating surveys for specific features within your application so you can get granular on your understanding of your user’s satisfaction and iterate quickly.

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Capture voice of the customer with UserIQ.