Increase User Engagement and Anticipate Churn

Keeping customers engaged within your product is key to ensuring they remain successful and less likely to churn.


Leverage product usage data to proactively address low user engagement

UserIQ’s intelligence features give context into why your customers are slow to adopt and provide actionable insights about what to do about it. Our easy to read dashboard helps you correlate low user engagement with the potential to churn and lets you take steps to prevent it.

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Interact with at-risk customers using targeted campaigns and tooltips

Once you’ve identified the potential reasons behind customer churn, UserIQ helps you deliver targeted campaigns to connect with disengaged users. Guided product tours introduce users to new features, while tooltips and in-app announcements bring attention to the features users aren’t taking advantage of.

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Collect survey feedback to measure and understand user engagement

Survey feedback provides invaluable insights from your most engaged users. In-app surveys, like NPS and micro-feedback, gather voice of the customer data that can be used to understand these users and determine what’s working and what isn’t.

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user engagement customer health

Monitor customer health and identify churn risks

Get a comprehensive view of user engagement and leading indicators of who’s at risk for churn. UserIQ’s customer health dashboard uses our extensive product usage data along with information from outside integrations such as Salesforce and Zendesk for a holistic view.

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User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Connect with your customers. Engage with UserIQ.