Customer Support Provides a Foundation for Growth

Every company has a customer support team that’s in high demand. Why not take advantage of automation and self-service technology so that your support team can scale their efforts and focus on the most complex customer issues?


Guided tours reduce confusion and ticket volume

UserIQ’s onboarding and user education capabilities help to nip customer issues in the bud. Creating personalized guided tours not only reduces users’ time-to-value, but limits potential challenges that lead to support tickets.

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Give your customer support team peace of mind

UserIQ’s event notifications can alert your team when the number and severity of support tickets increase beyond a comfortable threshold.  Your team will know they are focusing on the highest-priority items for effective customer service.

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Leverage on-demand resources to supplement support

Your team can easily create in-app Launchers so users can quickly get their questions answered on-demand and in context, rather than submitting helpdesk tickets. Tooltips can also proactively address user concerns before they need to turn to your support staff.

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User intelligence informs long term improvement

Journey Paths and product usage data help you to understand how users move through your application and where they might struggle. By taking advantage of the information available in UserIQ, you can develop user insights that inform support guides and helpdesk articles to assist present users. These findings can also guide future product and UI improvements—leading to fewer support tickets and more satisfied customers in the long term.

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User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Optimize your customer support efforts with UserIQ.