Increase Trial Conversions with Personalized Education and Engagement

Getting more trial and freemium users to become paying customers is a critical piece of your customer success strategy. UserIQ’s innovative platform makes it easy to entice users from their first interaction, so they stay and grow with you for the long haul.


Guided tours and Launchers make self-service simple

Most customer success teams are stretched pretty thin, leaving trial and freemium users to sort out the basics of your product themselves, which hinders their likelihood of converting to a paid account. Guided tours and Launchers help customers learn about your application at a pace that’s right for them without adding more to your plate.

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Create a strong first impression that leads to commitment

You only get one opportunity to onboard your new users—and in a small window of time. Take advantage of highly targeted engagements that give users the best possible experience and ensure they find value in your platform right away.

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Give users a glimpse of the “paid” product

How can you entice freemium and trial users to sign a contract, if they haven’t seen what they’re missing? UserIQ allows you to use tooltips to highlight premium features that may be gated in your free platform—giving high-intent users even more incentive to upgrade and helping you to increase trial conversions.

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Drive adoption and scalability through powerful in-app messaging

Create customizable and scalable in-app campaigns to connect with your trial and freemium customers from their very first interaction. Whether you want to communicate about new features or share tips and tricks, you can create messaging across both web and mobile platforms for every user, without a huge lift from your team.

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Improve your freemium and trial conversions with UserIQ.