Increase Customer Retention with Scalable Onboarding and Powerful User Insight

For every step in the customer journey there is an opportunity to increase retention, and for every opportunity, there’s UserIQ.


Kickstart customer retention with tailor-made onboarding

Create guided product tours that are curated for each customer segment to deliver the perfect start every time. UserIQ’s Launcher keeps the momentum going by offering interactive learning at the user’s pace.

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improve customer retention
identify product user issues

Proactively identify issues and opportunities

Customer retention is too important for your business to play a guessing game. Detailed product usage analytics reveal feature usage, engagement levels, and opportunities for customer outreach which help you stay ahead of any issues.

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Reduce churn risks with at-a-glance health insights

UserIQ’s powerful product usage analytics and integrations come together to identify churn risks in the HealthIQ dashboard. This easy-to-read tool can even be segmented to assign unique definitions of customer health and churn risks by customer type, job role, payment tier, and more.

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reduce churn risk
saas user engagement

Connect with customers when it matters most

Use in-app messages like announcements, feature callouts, and surveys to help your team center around user needs. With the help of product usage analytics and customer health scores, you can target your campaigns to encourage engagement, provide tutorials, and increase customer retention.

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User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Improve your customer retention strategy with UserIQ.