The Customer Journey Is Powered By User Adoption

For many companies, improving user adoption can unlock new revenue growth opportunities as well as higher retention rates. Encouraging adoption and user engagement helps your customers see the value in your platform and paves their path to success.


Leverage Data to Improve Customer Experience

UserIQ provides rich product and customer intelligence that helps you identify areas of your onboarding process that need to be strengthened. With our detailed dashboards, you can better understand adoption patterns within your customer base, including activity, usage trends, and engagement detail. Additionally, you can leverage UserIQ’s segmentation capabilities to further analyze and target specific user groups.

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drive user adoption with analytics
improve engagement drive user adoption with analytics

Foster User Engagement with In-App Campaigns

Delivering the right messages to each user at the right moment is key to driving adoption. Easily customizable in-app engagements allow you to connect with users as they interact with your product. Campaigns like onboarding launchers, guided tours, and tooltips help orient users to new features, best practices, and common workflows.

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Drive Alignment Between Customer Success & Product Management Teams

UserIQ allows Customer Success and Product teams to focus on the “what” and the “why” when it comes to user experience. Not only can you see if users are adopting specific features, but the easy-to-read dashboards also highlight leading churn indicators at a glance, such as login activity and frequency.

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user adoption driven by customer success product management alignment
User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Improve your user adoption strategy with UserIQ.