Personalized & Customizable Customer Onboarding for Every New User

UserIQ’s onboarding capabilities reduce time-to-value and increase retention at every step, for every user.


Personalized guided tours make user onboarding quick and seamless

UserIQ’s personalized and scalable guided product tours combine high-tech and high-touch approaches and are purpose-built to reinforce customer onboarding for new users, whoever they are and wherever they are in the customer journey.

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customer onboarding guided tours
customer onboarding product tour launcher

Use Launcher to offer ongoing help with an interactive library of guided tours

With all of the features your product has to offer, it’s unlikely a new user will learn them all the first time they log in. UserIQ’s Launcher makes it easy for users to quickly reference and review guided product tours on-demand for any feature, anytime.

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Leverage insightful Product Usage Analytics to see which features customers love and which need to be strengthened

You’ve provided guided tours and personalized resources for new users, but are team members taking advantage of the features most valuable to them? UserIQ’s product usage analytics take the guesswork out of engagement and help you identify areas of the onboarding process that need to be strengthened. Not only can you see if users are adopting specific features, but the easy to read analytics also highlight churn indicators such as login activity and frequency.

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customer onboarding usage analytics
customer onboarding customer engagement

Customizable in-app messaging has the power to foster user engagement and drive adoption

Easily customizable in-app campaigns allow you to connect with users as they interact with your product. Whether you want to call attention to a crucial feature they’re missing with tooltips or let them know about new features with announcements, there’s a campaign for every scenario.

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User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Improve your customer onboarding experience with UserIQ.