Expand Revenue with Tailored Account Growth Strategies

Did you know less than 30% of a company’s revenue comes from the initial sale? UserIQ’s customer-centric platform uses engagement and segmentation capabilities to drive account expansion and revenue growth.


Personalized campaigns make products feel custom built

Highly targeted in-app engagements make customers feel like you’ve designed a product just for them, which builds trust and credibility for your brand. When customers see you go the extra mile for them, they are eager to grow their relationship with you.

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Customer segmentation streamlines upselling

Leverage UserIQ’s rich segmentation capabilities to better understand feature usage, engagement levels, and upsell opportunities within your customer base. Find power users of your application and develop proactive strategies to expand them.

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Help customers to see value sooner through accelerated onboarding

You don’t get a second change to make a first impression. Let UserIQ’s guided tours enhance the onboarding experience and shorten users’ time-to-value so that customers know from the get-go that your product is one they can’t do without. 

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Use health scoring to grow customer advocacy

Use in-app messages like announcements, feature callouts, and surveys to help your team center around user needs. Your customers can be your best salespeople—especially when prospects ask for a reference. Take advantage of health scoring to identify highly satisfied customers who can become advocates for your product.

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User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Improve your customer success strategy with UserIQ.