Top Customer Success Stories of January 2019

By February 1, 2019Blog

If there’s one thing we can count on in the customer success community, it’s an abundance of resources. Especially in the New Year, we were thrilled to see such motivational and helpful content to kick off 2019. Here are a few of our favorites from the past month.

5 Steps to Rock Your Value Prop for SaaS Customer Success | Nichole Elizabeth Demere

“When you try to guess what to improve upon or how to fix what’s wrong, it’s not just that you might waste time getting to what ultimately works, it’s that you might not ever make the change that really matters.”

One thing we love about Nichole is that she gets straight to the point. As you’re reading, it’s almost like you’re getting a reality check without realizing you needed it. In this blog post, Nichole talks about the importance of making proactive decisions based on data. As Nichole mentions, guessing can get expensive. It’s all too easy to assume and make calls based solely off of intuition. Analytics can tell you what is happening, but can’t necessarily tell you why. If you’re looking for actionable items to gather, analyze and utilize qualitative research to continually improve your customer success strategy in 2019, this is a must-read.

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How to Build a Killer Customer Onboarding Program with Donna Weber | Thought Industries

“Break down the silos. In this day and age, you can no longer have great products and services and then hope customers know when to use them.”

When it comes to onboarding a new customer, are you using hope as a strategy? Onboarding expert Donna Weber from Springboard Solutions knows just how many companies actually rely on an unscripted plan to manage this critical time in the customer lifecycle. In this interview with Thought Industries, she discusses common pitfalls and provides suggestions on how to avoid them. She also offers tips on how to manage customer handoffs from sales to customer success, and what trends she thinks we’ll see in 2019.

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9 Ways to Re-Engage your Customers for Better Retention | HubSpot

“If you can learn to actively re-engage your existing customers on a regular basis, you’ll stand out from the competition — and find way more business in the process.”

Your biggest asset as a customer success manager is your existing customers. But in the midst of busy schedules and day to day tasks, it’s easy to lose touch with them. Although reconnecting with them after several months can be awkward and uncomfortable, you’ll stand out from the competition, and find more business in the process. Re-engaging through these tactics is a great way to improve retention rates, build brand advocacy, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

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Why the Customer Journey is the Desired Path to Success | Kia Puhm

“If a company understands and supports the path customers naturally take in using the product, not the one its organization outlines to its customers, the resulting customer journey path will be the most effective one at driving customer adoption, loyalty and expanded product use.”

Kia has always been one of our favorite writers in the customer success space. She does a fantastic job of explaining customer success concepts through metaphors and simplifying it in a way everyone can understand. In this article, Kia explains that customer success is like architecture. There is a desired path that pedestrians prefer to walk on and have created as a consequence of foot traffic. The idea is to use human-centric design to create a path that is the most natural for people to follow. An organization can codify a repeatable, prescriptive and proactive customer journey for all customers to follow. Definitely one to check out if you’re looking for a unique perspective on the customer journey.

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Customer Success Professional’s Guide to SaaStr Annual 2019 | UserIQ

Yes, we’re shouting out our own blog, but we promise it’s worth it! With SaaStr coming up next week, we wanted to create a guide for customer success professionals. With a variety of marketing, sales, customer success events and more, it can be difficult to narrow down and navigate which speakers and sessions are right for you. This blog breaks down customer success sessions specifically and what you can expect to get out of them. Bonus: At the bottom, there is a link to a public Twitter list called SaaStr19 Speakers. This list is a compilation of ALL speakers at SaaStr, so you can stay connected all in one place.

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And there you have it! What customer success resources did you find valuable this month? We’d love for you to share them in the Success Masters, where you can connect with fellow customer success leaders on trends, news, resources and more. 

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