Top Customer Success Stories of February 2019

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If there’s one thing we love in customer success, it’s the continuous plethora of resources from the industry’s top thought leaders! Here are a few of our favorites we bookmarked in February.

What are the three limitations to customer-centricity — and which companies can confirm them? | Sampson Lee

“Optimizing processes for minimum cost is by and large inside-out. Customer-driven companies should have an outside-in view and build themselves around the customer and not the other way around.”

There are plenty of articles out there on customer-centricity, but it seems the concept is still hard to grasp for some. That’s why we love this article from Sampson Lee. Lee provides prime examples of companies that are succeeding in customer-centricity and why their tactics are effective. To contrast, he also points out companies that aren’t doing so hot in this area, and how they can improve their strategy. If you’re interested in learning what it takes to make customer-centricity a company wide effort, this one is for you!

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What does a wildly successful CSM look like? | Brett Andersen 

“Mindsets and skillsets can often be perceived as soft and unnecessary. But for those who have done this, you know that there are hard results attached to having these in place.”

In the world of customer success, mindset can be a difficult thing to teach as it’s often confused with a skillset. Brett does a great job of breaking down the difference between mindsets and skillsets, and why strong mindsets should be stressed during the hiring process. Brett also dives into reinforcing those mindsets through recognition and rewards, and provides tips deciding on which mindsets and skillsets are most relevant for your team. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on why a strong mindset is foundational to team culture, team identity, and role clarity, this one is for you.

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Three things you can do to love your clients | Lynn Swords

“Yes, our clients are coming to us to solve an external problem, but the way that problem makes them feel is what probably drove them to make the decision to hire us.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Lynn released this light-hearted article on client love languages. As business owners, we want to solve the external problems of our clients and do whatever they have hired us to do. But it’s even more important to think about their internal needs, since this is what drives their external decisions. Lynn provides tips on empathy towards your customers’ emotions, and how you can analyze their internal needs to get to the root of a problem. These simple and effective tips can go a long way in customer success!

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Understanding and building customer success strategy in 2019 with Sue Duris | Sunil Neurgaonkar

“When brands can understand what the customer experiences, we as brands can paint a better, more accurate picture of how customers are behaving at different moments and we’re able to better determine how to improve each of those moments.”

We love a good podcast! This episode with Sue Duris dives into the difference between customer experience and customer success, and why customer success is one of the most trending verticals. We love the holistic approach Sue takes when explaining how culture, customer experience and employee experience all have to combine to experience growth.  If you’re looking for some tips on personalizing customer success and how to identify trends in 2019, this is a great listen.

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SaaS customer onboarding: a 3-step guide for streamlined success | Elizabeth Bell 

“Like making a first impression with a new acquaintance, SaaS customer onboarding has a big effect on whether your customer’s trajectory with your company is positive or negative.”

For those of us in charge of customer onboarding, we’re always looking for ways to make the process smoother and more effective. That’s why we love this 3-step guide for streamlined success by Elizabeth Bell. This easy, comprehensive guide will give you three clear action items to set yourself up for success, and explain how you can treat new customer onboarding as the gateway to their overall experience with your company.

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What customer success resources did you find valuable in February? Share with us in the Success Masters Community!

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