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As SaaS leaders, we know all too well that the customer success industry is evolving at a rapid rate. So much so, it’s often hard to keep up. As the need for resources rises, we want to make sure we’re there every step of the way. From playbooks to reports, we’ve enjoyed creating helpful, educational, and inspirational content in 2018 on topics like journey mapping, NPS, adoption, and onboarding.  

Missed some of our content? Join us for a trip down memory lane as we look back at our top resources from 2018.

User Adoption Report

Earlier this year, we surveyed more than 450 SaaS leaders to understand how top companies are handling user adoption and onboarding challenges today. From that survey, we developed the 2018 SaaS User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Report. In a nutshell, we discovered that 3 out of 4 respondents spend up to half their week managing user adoption initiatives, yet nearly 50% have no formal adoption strategy in place (what we like to call, the great divide).  

To dig deeper into the findings, we put together a few additional resources. The User Adoption: Real Talk from the Experts video series features customer success thought leaders like Ellie Wu, Nils Vinje, and Irit Eizips as they give their input on the findings, and provide tips and best practices for improvement. We also had leaders in customer success share their thoughts on future challenges and opportunities in user adoption and onboarding in our Top User Adoption and Onboarding Trends for 2018 webinar.

Onboarding Grader

The idea for the onboarding grader stemmed from a key finding in our 2018 SaaS User Adoption and Onboarding Benchmarking Report. Of our 450+ respondents, 70% said improving customer onboarding is a top priority for their organization, and 26% intend to develop a more self-service/high-tech onboarding model this year to help them scale. So for companies looking to scale, how do they know what their benchmark is?

To help answer this question, we created the customer onboarding grader. Just answer a few questions to receive a grade in three core areas of customer onboarding. You’ll also learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie and get tips and best practices for improving. You can take Bill Cushard’s word for it — it works!

User Adoption Toolkit

For SaaS companies today, a strong user adoption strategy can mean the difference between growth and churn. It’s a fundamental element to the customer journey and must be mastered before retention, expansion, or advocacy can properly take place. However, creating and implementing a user adoption strategy can be an intimidating and complex task.

That’s why it was a no-brainer to build the user adoption toolkit. This kit includes tons of helpful resources like checklists, templates, guides, and more to take the complexity out of your user adoption strategy, keep your customers engaged and successful, and keep your own sanity.

Customer Onboarding Journey Mapping Playbook

Journey mapping can look different for each SaaS business, and maybe there isn’t one right way to do it. But there are a lot of wrong ways to do it.

To help you make a great first impression and drive relevant value to your customers quickly, we created the customer onboarding journey mapping playbook. This workbook walks you through how to uncover your customers’ goals, map your current customer journey, select the right metrics for success and more.

User Adoption Expedition Panel Discussions

We had a blast last year hosting the User Adoption Expedition in four cities across the U.S and taking the user adoption and onboarding conversation on the road. We wanted to learn how experts in SaaS companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries are tackling the challenges of making their users successful. From Boston to San Francisco, we gathered top SaaS leaders in each city to discuss their user adoption and onboarding challenges, and provide their personal best practices for improving.

In case you missed the live events or just want a refresher,  we documented each panel discussion on our blog! You can check out each discussion on our User Adoption Expedition page.

NPS Guide

Despite how long NPS has been a standard benchmarking metric for SaaS companies, it’s often misunderstood. Businesses with a subscription-based model typically put emphasis on NPS because, in addition to measuring customer satisfaction, it also gauges whether customers like your company enough to tell their friends about it. Because this metric holds a lot of weight, we thought it was worth breaking down.

In our complete guide to NPS, you’ll learn how NPS works, how it’s calculated and who owns it. It also digs into the various benefits, strategies, and tactics you can take advantage of. We even included information on audience segmentation, so you can feel confident following up with respondents in each of the three categories (promoters, passives, and detractors).

And there you have it! We look forward to seeing what 2019 brings and building resources to help you in every stage of your customer success strategy. Have your own resources you’d like to share? Head over to our Success Masters Community to share trends, seek advice and network with leaders in the customer success space.

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