The State of Customer Success and Trends for 2017 Webinar: A Recap

By December 7, 2016Blog

We held our inaugural The State of Customer Success and Trends for 2017 webinar with three brilliant panelists—Alex Obikhod of VMWare AirWatch , Tim Schukar of Digital Disruption Group, and Lawton Ursrey of Sage Software—on Tuesday, December 6th. An awesome group of you customer success and customer growth enthusiasts joined us as we talked about key points and future predictions from our 2017 Customer Success State of the Industry and Trend Report, and learned about real world implementations for building on your customer success as the key strategy for growth and long-term sustainability. 

To recap, here are few of the key data points we discussed from our Customer Success 2017 Trend Report:

  • Only 21% of CS teams are aligned with marketing and sales teams and this is something that 61% want to improve on in 2017.
  • Visibility into key metrics such as adoption and customer health is the biggest challenge customer success teams are facing in 2017.
  • 40% of customer success teams say they have difficulty identifying potential promoters.
  • Scaling their strategy came up as the second greatest challenge customer success teams face going into 2017.

We also talked about the five trends shaping the customer success landscape in 2017:

  • ONE: Cross-department alignment (especially with marketing and sales teams) will be key to improving product adoption and the overall customer journey.
  • TWO: Better user intelligence will be important in the coming year as teams aim to understand customer health, minimize churn and develop more proactive initiatives.
  • THREE: Retention and expansion and initiatives will be largely dependent on whether or not CS teams can scale effectively through technologies and process over increases in headcount.
  • FOUR: Client referrals and advocacy are being under prioritized because teams have yet to make a clear shift from playing a reactive support role to playing a more proactive part in customer engagement.
  • FIVE: A more efficient technology stack will be key to helping teams understand, scale and improve their relationships with key accounts and move toward  initiatives focused on growing their customers in the years to come.

Download The State of Customer Success and Trends for 2017 webinar recording and get the Customer Success 2017 Trend Report to make sure you’re up to speed on the customer success industry and help you prepare for the coming year.

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