UserIQ + Salesforce = Data Magic

Did you know you can put your existing customer data to work inside your product by integrating UserIQ with Salesforce? Our unique bi-directional integration allows you to not only pull existing Salesforce data into UserIQ, but also push new product engagement data back to Salesforce at both the account and contact level so you have a 360° view of each customer that’s always accurate.

The data your sales and marketing teams have collected in the quest to win a new customer should be used to build context and continue the conversation once they’re inside your platform. As UserIQ collects new data based on in-app interactions, we’ll ship it back to Salesforce so you’ve got complete customer profiles at every moment and the ability to see how each individual is progressing through their customer journey.

Democratization of Data

Make product usage data accessible to the employees who need it most—like sales, marketing, and customer success—where it makes the most sense for them. This better aligns departments and gives them the data they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Strengthen Reporting

Map UserIQ data to Salesforce to create reports based on product engagement data and correlate it to other Salesforce fields, such as total ARR or customer size. Perfect for assessing potential opportunities such as free trial conversion.

Share Customer Satisfaction Data

Let sales and marketing know who your top promoters and power users are so they can access them for testimonials, case studies, and customer references.

Get Product Usage Trends At-A-Glance

See product usage for each account and each user in Salesforce to get quick information on their recent product activity in the event of unanticipated support calls.

4 Ways to Supercharge Your Salesforce Instance with UserIQ


Get proactive customer data by mapping any of the product information collected in UserIQ (for example, feature usage has suddenly dropped) to Salesforce fields so teams can take action.


Deliver relevant engagements from day one to start new customers off on the right foot when data from Salesforce is used to contextualize the interactions in UserIQ as customers.


Segment users based on financial data using the revenue and payment information collected in Salesforce as segment criteria or as triggers for alerts and engagements in UserIQ.


Ensure accurate user and account segments by assigning users to the right customer segment as early as possible based on data collected during the sales process to send targeted in-app engagements based on product behavior.