UserIQ’s Keys to Driving Growth Throughout the Customer Journey Infographic

The buyer journey is just the beginning of the growth process for a B2B company. The real power has shifted to the customer journey, which reflects the increased focus on evolving customers beyond their initial purchase point. Only 5-30% of company revenue comes from the initial sale. This means businesses must shift their focus beyond the initial marketing and sales funnel to what happens after a sale is complete and when the real work begins! 

When an organization focuses on growing customers throughout the customer journey, it leads to:
– Lower churn because customers receive what they need from the product and the company.
– Increased revenue because customers are staying longer, expanding their accounts, and telling their friends.
– Greater opportunities for marketing because successful customers are more willing to share their knowledge and successes with others.

Here’s what the buyer to customer journey looks like and a few key ways to make the most out of each stage in the customer journey.

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UserIQ's Keys to Driving Growth Throughout the Customer Journey infographic

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