7 Reasons Why You Need a Customer Growth Platform™

UserIQ’s Customer Growth Platform™ is a revolutionary new way of understanding and communicating with your customers so you can guide them to success at each stage of the customer journey. For more, read 7 Reasons SaaS Companies Can’t Live Without a Customer Growth Platform™ on the blog.

A Customer Growth Platform gives your team comprehensive visibility into your customers as they move through each stage of the customer journey. Customer data lets you find the connection between customer interactions with your product and how to engage with them based on the data collected. A great Customer Growth Platform allow you to achieve just that and more.

Here are the seven reasons your SaaS company can’t live without a Customer Growth Platform™:

  1. Allows you to use one dedicated platform to gather user intelligence, deploy targeted engagements, and dive deeper into customer health 
  2. Lets you engage with your customers throughout their journey from adoption to advocacy
  3. Helps to foster cross-department alignment with customer success, product management, sales, and marketing
  4.  Enable you to proactively fight churn with customer health indicators
  5. Allows you to review real-time visibility into customer health to stay proactive
  6. Reinforces product value to customers through targeted engagements
  7. Sustains growth beyond the funnel to scale more efficiently in the post-sale stages of the customer journey

Learn more about how a Customer Growth Platform™ can reduce churn and ignite growth in your organization in The Complete Guide to Customer Growth.

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