UserIQ’s 2017 Benchmarking Report: Customer Success + Product Management Alignment Slideshare

In our research on the topic of post-sales alignment, we found very little information or discussion. So we put together the 2017 Customer Success + Product Management Alignment Benchmarking Survey to better understand the current state of alignment between customer success and product management, and help us to develop benchmarks for improvement.

We surveyed customer success and product management leaders across small and large B2B SaaS organizations in various industries.

The Perceptions of Alignment:

  • According to the majority of respondents, alignment between customer success and product management teams is considered important to company leadership.
  • Respondents say improving product adoption and reducing customer churn is a shared purpose of both teams.
  • They say that processes are in place to encourage alignment and the expectation of frequently meeting face-to-face.
  • Generally, respondents feel satisfied with their overall team alignment and believe they’re on the right track to improvement.

However, are they effective or are they setting the bar too low?

The Realities of Alignment:

Our findings, however, appeared to be at odds with these perceptions. Our research revealed that organizational alignment is not yet an imperative to leadership, there is a shared problem shared by both teams rather than a shared purpose between them, and there is a lack of shared metrics for accountability, ultimately, resulting in negative outcomes.

These findings prove that, despite perceptions, alignment doesn’t truly seem like a commitment at the leadership level.

Our research shows an obvious dissonance between what is thought to be true about alignment and what is actually happening in most organizations. Customer Success and Product Management teams want similar outcomes, but they still have work to do in order to achieve true alignment.

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