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Schedule a demo with our team to learn how we are helping SaaS companies increase customer engagement by 70%, improve adoption rates up to 98%, and increase feature adoption by 4x.

UserIQ gives SaaS companies one source of truth for user data and a suite of in-product engagement tools, so everyone from product management to customer success, marketing to sales, can keep customers coming back for more.

UserIQ customers are able to understand, engage, and anticipate their customers throughout the post-sale journey. During the one-hour demo, we’ll cover:

  • Account and user level intelligence, segmentation and insights
  • Targeted in-app engagement campaigns
  • Customer Health Dashboard tour
  • Custom pricing for your company’s needs and user count
  • Your questions

“We signed up for a demo of UserIQ and were blown away by what it could do both behind the scenes and as far as in-app engagements go. We researched several other Customer Success Management platforms but constantly found ourselves coming back to UserIQ.”

– Megan Carnaghi, Customer Success Manager, TechSmith

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