Benchmark Customer Success With In-Depth Product Usage Analytics

Take the guesswork out of product usage with easy to understand analytics

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Gather Usage Analytics for Every Account, Segment, and User

Get the product usage analytics you need with UserIQ’s innovative segmented analytics. You’ll be able to understand which features are and aren’t being used by each account, segment, and user.

Proactively Fight Churn by Finding the Critical Features Users are Missing

Monitor product usage so you can spot sticking points and proactively take action before a user has to ask. UserIQ’s product usage analytics show you which features should be promoted or updated to improve each customer’s experience.

Pinpoint Power Users and Churn Risks with Comprehensive Health Scores

Data is only as good as the insights you can pull from it, and the Health Dashboard makes analytics simple. Understand if customers are at risk for churn with a Customer Health Score that considers both UserIQ’s analytics as well as data from integrations.

Prioritize Updates and Additions Based on Real-Time Usage

You’ve created a product you’re proud of, but are your customers using the features you think they are? See which features are and aren’t being used so you can prioritize the updates, improvements, or assistance your users need.

Gain a Holistic Engagement View with Integrated Data

At UserIQ, we understand that in-product user activity is only one source of information about a customer’s experience. That’s why we’ve made it easy to integrate information from the products and services you rely on every day to provide additional context and create a well-rounded view of each user. Integrations are available for Zendesk, Salesforce, and more.

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