Drive Product Engagement with Contextual Data & Customized Alerts

Discover how users are engaging with your product and use powerful analytics to maximize customer success
with UserIQ’s product engagement software.

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Combine High-Tech and High-Touch Engagement for Smarter Onboarding

Create a more engaging onboarding experience for every customer, every time. Guided product tours teach users how to adopt relevant features, while the Launcher keeps every tutorial only a click away.

Understand How Each User is Interacting with Your Product

UserIQ’s detailed product usage analytics make it easy to understand how each user segment is interacting with your product. Our flexible dashboard allows you to identify top users and features in every segment, letting you know which features are most relevant for each user or which users may need assistance.

Kickstart Product Engagement With Feature Callouts

Your product is always improving, so it’s important to keep your users up to speed. Custom feature callouts bring attention to product upgrades and highlight new features so users stay engaged and continue seeing value.

Guide Product Engagement with Tooltips

Unobtrusive tooltips encourage feature adoption by offering suggestions on how a user can implement a feature into their workflow.

Pinpoint Feature Improvements and Anticipate User Demands

Feedback from your users can be used in combination with product usage analytics to uncover aspects of your product that are hindering adoption and engagement. In-app surveys allow you to reach out to users who aren’t engaging, compare the effectiveness of onboarding, follow up with support tickets, and more.

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Get Custom Alerts and Never Miss a Beat

Each day, your users are performing a countless number of activities. Event notifications keep you up to date with the issues that need your attention. Our email and Slack integration ensure you’ll always be aware when a customer:

  • Hasn’t logged in for a while or shows a drop in activity
  • Opens 3 or more high-severity service tickets in a month
  • Is approaching their renewal date
  • Responds to an NPS prompt
  • And much more

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