Increase Adoption with Scalable, Personalized Guided Tour Software

Make the most of every customer interaction with guided product tours purpose-built to reinforce onboarding, drive product adoption, and reduce time-to-value

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Set up a customized onboarding system with ease

Without UserIQ, programming automated product tours requires a developer, extra money, and time. Streamline the experience with our easy to use platform, making it simple to set up a personalized program in no time.

Deliver the right onboarding experience for every user

Your product is versatile, so why should your onboarding experience be one-size-fits-all? Our customizable guided tour software drives customer engagement by calling attention to the features that are most relevant to each user. Product tours can be delivered to specific segments based on:

  • User’s job role
  • User or Account lifecycle stage
  • User or Account data in Salesforce
  • Account Type and Payment Status
  • Interactions with Other Features
  • Login Activity
  • And More

Scale and reinforce onboarding efforts with a blend of high-tech and high-touch

Traditional one-on-one onboarding sessions can be valuable, but they are time-consuming to coordinate and manage. Automated product tours offer the same personalized service level, but are available whenever the user is ready and are easily scalable as you grow.

Anticipate customer needs to increase retention

Gone are the days where you need to guess (and hope) that new customers are using and understanding your core product features. UserIQ’s advanced analytics feed an easy to read dashboard that lets you know what features are and aren’t being used at-a-glance. Analyze interactions on an individual and group level, then use the data-driven insights to decide which areas users may be struggling with and how you can help.

Make it easy for users to access any tour, any time

All guided tours that users have seen, plus those they haven’t explored yet, can be opened individually with the Launcher. Users can also leverage Launcher to discover all core features of the product at once, since Launcher can combine multiple tours into a full onboarding program. Automated guided tours get users started, and the Launcher keeps them going at their own pace.

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