All in One Platform

One Source of Truth

UserIQ gives SaaS teams one source of truth for user intelligence, targeted engagements, and customer health so everyone from product management to customer success, marketing to sales, can keep customers coming back for more. A platform that shows how your customers are (or aren’t) behaving inside your web-application and allows you to communicate based on that behavior.

Understand Your Users

Deep user intelligence based on behaviors, demographics and external data gives your team the insights they need to make proactive decisions.

Engage Your Users

In-app engagements, like guided tours, surveys, and announcements, combined with limitless targeting options, allow you to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

Anticipate Your Users

The Customer Health Dashboard combines metrics from login activity, feature usage, NPS sentiment, support tickets and financial data to give you a HealthIQ score for each client account in your organization so you can spot potential problems and reach out with corrective measures to reduce churn. You can even create dashboards for each of your segments.

Customer Health

Customize 5 key churn indicators to monitor the health of your customers by segment calculated at the user or account level


Leverage historical data or view customer interactions and in-app behavior for real-time intelligence

Limitless Segmentation

Create specific segments based on usage, account details, or persona and correlate behavior and intelligence data

“With UserIQ, we can serve targeted messaging directly to select groups based on usage habits or identifiers pulled right from Salesforce. UserIQ cuts down on hours of development time it would take to try and do this ourselves. I recommend UserIQ to anyone who needs to communicate in-product messaging and wants to enhance, rather than disrupt, user experience.”

Marilyn MeadProduct Marketing Manager at List Partners Inc.

Get Even More Value With UserIQ Integrations

Pull existing data into UserIQ and push new data back to Salesforce so you have a 360º view of each customer that’s always accurate.

Create custom event notifications when users perform a specific action, for fluctuating health and usage levels, on survey responses, and more.

UserIQ supports your Gainsight data with in-depth user intelligence and targeted engagements so you can guide each user to success.

Track support tickets within UserIQ and show how unresolved and high-severity tickets affect customer health.