Understand, guide and grow more revenue from your customers.

What’s included with UserIQ?

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User Intelligence

  • In-product behavior data
  • Feature usage & adoption data
  • Detail at both user and account level
  • Endless segmentation possibilities
  • Leverage historical data in real-time
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Customer Health

  • At-a-glance view of accounts
  • Trusted health scoring by segment
  • Customizable churn indicators
  • Support and financial data
  • Live activity feed
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Targeted Engagements

  • Unlimited guided tours
  • Unlimited NPS & custom surveys
  • Unlimited announcements
  • Unlimited feature callouts & tooltips
  • Custom styles & branding

Other Awesome Features

  • No custom coding required
  • Visual event tagging
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Onboarding included




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"UserIQ is a flexible platform that seamlessly integrates with our solutions. FMSI utilizes the guided tours and feature announcements to better target users when we have new product enhancements. The UserIQ solutions provide smoother transitions and increased engagements as our clients begin to leverage new product features."

Sean Wright | VP, Educational Services at FMSIVP, Educational Services | FMSI

"Thanks to UserIQ, Manheim has been able to successfully onboard hundreds of users, both internal and external, to our newest and most powerful features. In addition, by utilizing UserIQ’s in-app guided tours and analytics, we know that the numbers of customers who use these features is also increasing."

Chuck Konfrst | Senior Developer, Product Design & UX at ManheimSenior Developer, Product Design & UX | Manheim

"UserIQ allows us to create guided tours and messages that ensure our customers are getting the most out of our platforms. As we build new products, UserIQ allows us to deliver relevant messages to customers across our brand, which is critical to our growth."

Rob Tursi | QA Engineer & Product Specialist at The ListQA Engineer & Product Specialist | The List

"To combat low webinar attendance, Booker has started delivering same-day in-app announcements for our daily trainings as well as day-of in-app reminders for our special webinars through UserIQ and we’ve seen great results so far. We’ve increased the average number of both registrants and attendees to these webinars and trainings by more than 3x."

Malori Newcomer | Training Evangelist at BookerTraining Evangelist | Booker
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