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  • Deep product & user intelligence across web and mobile
  • Feature usage & adoption tracking
  • Limitless data segmentation at the user or account level
  • Targeted engagements both in-app and via email
  • NPS, micro-feedback, and custom surveys
  • Guided tours, announcements, feature callouts, and tooltips
  • Customer health scoring
  • Full API access
  • …and more!
*Price adjusts with monthly active user count
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We know every company is different. Different customers, employees, goals, stages ...

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  • Pricing starts with your Monthly Active User count
  • All in one bundle (no à la carte features here)
  • We integrate with your CS tech stack, including Salesforce, Slack, and more +
  • You’ll get your very own CSM to onboard your team and make sure you get everything you need (and then some) with UserIQ

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We Work with Teams of All Shapes and Sizes

Thanks to UserIQ, Cox Automotive has been able to fully onboard hundreds of users, both internal and external, to our newest and most powerful features. In addition, by utilizing UserIQ’s in-app guided tours and analytics, we know that the numbers of customers who user these features is also increasing.

Chuck K.Director of User Experience (UX) at Cox Automotive

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