Work Smarter with UserIQ Integrations

Customer success is not always easy. Make things easier on yourself by leveraging the platforms you already have in place to work seamlessly with UserIQ and provide you with even better results. UserIQ integrates with other innovative products so that you can work smarter, not harder.


Create data magic with customer information

Data is one of your most powerful tools. UserIQ’s bi-directional integration with Salesforce lets you collect valuable information across both platforms and leverage it at each stage of the customer journey. Design a 360-degree view of your customers by pulling Salesforce data into UserIQ health score or segment, while also pushing UserIQ product engagement information back into a Salesforce contact or account.

Why Customers Love It
  • Create one single source of truth for all customer data
  • Enables teams to build custom reports that combine product intelligence with account and user level data


Share data across platforms for a holistic customer view

As anyone in a customer-facing role knows, analyzing and managing customer data are not always easy propositions. With UserIQ and HubSpot together, you can sync up your account and user info, and leverage that wealth of data to deepen your understanding of what users need, refine customer outreach, and improve the user experience.

Why Customers Love It
  • Leverage HubSpot data for user segmentation and to generate customer insights in UserIQ
  • Improve your reporting capabilities and spot key user trends across each of your customer-focused platforms


The alerts your customer success team needs

You can’t ensure a great customer experience if you don’t know what’s really going on with your users. With UserIQ’s integration with Slack, customer success teams can receive Slack notifications whenever customers take certain actions or meet key thresholds. Keep track of the critical events happening in your customer lifecycle through automated event notifications, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Why Customers Love It
  • Highlights opportunities for outreach with alerts that signal when user activity drops or new feedback is recorded
  • Prevents your team from ever missing a key customer milestone, such as an account renewal date or a user anniversary with your product


Get key insights on your customer health

UserIQ’s customer health scores leverage important data points to help you understand and prevent churn. Through our integration with Zendesk, UserIQ customers can track Zendesk support ticket activity and incorporate that data into the Health IQ score, helping you boost your understanding of churn risk and stay ahead of any issues that may impact retention.

Why Customers Love It
  • Tracks ticket volume so you can keep tabs on customer support activity
  • Improves customer health score accuracy through the inclusion of support data


It’s easier than ever to collect data

Segment offers a simple integration with UserIQ that allows customer data to be forwarded automatically. Without the need for complex technical instructions or add-ons, Segment data is tracked, formatted, and shared with UserIQ to provide more options for exploring and utilizing customer data.

Why Customers Love It
  • Quicker implementation of UserIQ, without a new data strategy
  • Accesses multiple data streams to match with usage, engagement, and health metrics

Our experience with UserIQ has been great - easy integration, lots of customization, great mix of features, and simple to leverage across multiple teams. We've been able to outline the user journey and identify dead ends, all while targeting our customers with relevant messaging and guiding users through a cleaner, faster onboarding process.

Arash M.VP of Product, StackPath
User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

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