Drive Action From Insightful Product Usage Data

Take the guesswork out of user engagement with actionable product usage intelligence that lets you chart the best course of action with your customers.

Product Usage Analytics

Let Your Product Usage Analytics Speak for Itself

Gathering data on each behavior, click, and engagement your users take is critical to improving the customer experience and making each interaction meaningful and relevant. Our product usage analytics platform helps you take action on the data you’re collecting.

Advanced Segmentation Capabilities Give Visibility Into Every Account, Segment, and User

Get the product usage analytics you need with UserIQ’s innovative user segmentation and product intelligence features. You’ll be able to understand which features are and aren’t being used by each account, segment, and user.

Segment Detail
product usage analytics

Improve Customer Experience & Reduce Churn With Proactive Usage Monitoring

Monitor product usage so you can spot sticking points and proactively take action before a user has to ask. UserIQ’s usage analytics show you which features should be promoted or updated to improve each customer’s experience.

Identify Power Users and Mitigate Churn Risks with Customer Health Scoring

Data is only as good as the insights you can pull from it, and the Health Dashboard makes analytics simple. Understand if customers are at risk for churn with a customer health score that considers both UserIQ’s product intelligence as well as data from integrations.

product usage analytics customer health score
product usage analytics real-time usage

Support Data-Driven User Experience & Product Roadmap Decisions

You’ve created a product you’re proud of, but are your customers using the features you think they are? See which features are and aren’t being used so you can prioritize your product management initiatives and provide the updates, improvements, or assistance your users need.

Integrations Make It Easy to Get a Holistic View of Your Customer Engagement

At UserIQ we understand that in-product user activity is only one source of information for customer engagement. That’s why we’ve made it easy to use data from the products and services you rely on every day to create a well-rounded view of each user. UserIQ integrations are available for Zendesk, Salesforce, and more.

UserIQ is a versatile and robust product, with many features and ways to track key metrics, support onboarding, and summarize the customer data our teams need to see. It’s been very useful to both our product and customer success teams—but for different reasons. It feels like we have only scratched the surface of what this product can do.

Ethan G.Product Manager, PAIRIN

Related Feature Suites

Product usage analytics aren’t the only thing UserIQ offers to give you more insight and access to your user base. Check out the following related features to learn more about our all-in-one approach to creating a friction-free user journey.

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Guided Tour Product Usage Analytics
Customer Onboarding With Guided Tour Software


UserIQ’s built-in user engagement tools let you guide customers who need help, prompt users who haven’t found core features, and drive adoption as you go.


Make the most of every customer interaction with guided product tours purpose-built to reinforce onboarding, drive product adoption, and reduce time-to-value.


Our customer onboarding guidance tools help new users experience must-see features quickly, so they have a better first impression of your brand.

User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Accelerate Your Time to Value. Let UserIQ Power the Journey.