Guesswork = Messwork

Product usage details. Customer sentiment. Account snapshots. Everything you need for a high user IQ.

With UserIQ, you’ll know what makes customers tick. You’ll end the messwork. AND you’ll be equipped with clear next steps. We’re guessing that guessing is no longer in your future.

Embrace Your Inner User Scientist

Thanks to product usage analytics, you can drill down to any segment to know how customers use particular features.

With UserIQ intelligence tools and in-app communications, you’ll drive product usage and prevent problems before they arise. Knowing > guessing, folks.

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Infinite Segmentation 

Create unlimited audiences to understand which features resonate — and which ones don’t. User behavior is complicated. UserIQ makes it clearer. 

Journey Paths

Monitor usage and user paths to spot sticking points. Take action before a user even has to ask. With UserIQ, it’s OK being a snoop. 

Platform Integrations

UserIQ integrates with other tech platforms. Best of all? You won’t need an engineering degree to achieve seamless customer success zen. 

Improving NPS for BIM One

BIM One deploys UserIQ to create targeted campaigns and seek feedback from specific user segments, which has driven a 5x increase in NPS response rates.

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“Before UserIQ, we were acting like firefighters, since we always were forced to be reactive. Now, instead of going after all our accounts at the same time, we’re able to prioritize what we do, who we target, and when we act.”

Carl Villette,
Co-founder and Vice President, BIM One

Drive User Adoption

Subjective user feedback and objective intelligence make up your user IQ.

With UserIQ sentiment tools — like NPS surveys — you can measure how customers feel over time. Combined with health scores, you can create product roadmaps, maximize retention and drive expansion. Brilliant!

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Measure Change

Sometimes — well, always — you just need answers. What did Customer Y think about X Feature Z months ago? Why did they change from a promoter to a detractor? We’ve got your answers. 

Gather Feedback

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see customer sentiment on ANYTHING? With UserIQ, you can — from in-the-moment feedback to opinions on specific features.

Create Roadmaps

Finally, you can stop guessing what users may want and build a product roadmap with sentiment and science. With UserIQ, your roadmaps will lead to good places. 

What’s YOUR User IQ?

See how intelligence features from UserIQ will make your Customer Success team faster and smarter.