Take the Guesswork Out of Customer Success

With UserIQ, you have a true understanding of your users. What’s more, you are equipped with clear next steps in your customer success strategy.

Product Usage Analytics

Collect and act on insightful data to make each user interaction more meaningful and relevant.

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Infinite Segmentation 

Create unlimited target audiences to understand which features resonate with users—and which ones don’t.

Journey Paths

Monitor usage and user paths to spot sticking points and be able to take action before a user even has to ask.

Easy-to-Use Integrations

Easily incorporate information from the products and services you rely on every day, right within UserIQ.

Improving NPS for BIM One

BIM One leverages UserIQ to create targeted campaigns and seek feedback from specific user segments, which has driven a 5x increase in NPS response rate.

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“Before UserIQ, we were acting like firefighters, since we always were forced to be reactive. Now, instead of going after all our accounts at the same time, we’re able to prioritize what we do, who we target, and when we act.”

Carl V.
Co-founder and Vice President

Customer Sentiment

Easily measure user health: gauge adoption, reduce churn, and know where users stand.

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Drive User Adoption

Create smoother onboarding flows and design more intuitive features for products that users rave about.

Gather Feature Feedback

Allow users to provide in-the-moment feedback through their interactions with specific features.

Create a Data-Driven Roadmap

Stop guessing at what users might want. Build a product roadmap with the pinpoint accuracy of detailed data.


Seamlessly measure, engage, and strategize across devices and platforms.

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mobile customer onboarding

Campaigns without Coding

Tag features and customize in-app campaigns easily on both iOS and Android devices, without a developer.

Develop a More Complete Snapshot

Understand users by accessing the same in-app behavior and product usage data as our web platform.

Meet Users Where They Are

Mobile usage increases every day. Leverage cross-platform data to ensure you don’t miss a single customer moment.

User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

Build smarter customer success strategies with UserIQ.