Form a Snapshot of Users

Understanding your users is the first step in keeping them happy. With UserIQ, you have the tools you need to know your users better.

customer health scores

Customer Health

Keep a pulse on every customer and know where every user stands with our comprehensive HealthIQ dashboard.

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Get the Full Story

Understand your users better with a complete profile of their behavior, including login activity, feature usage, sentiment, and more.

Gain Deeper Insight Into Customer Health

Design customized thresholds to measure customer health, providing a single source of truth across your business.

Segment Users for Success

Create highly specific segments to understand your users and create more positive experiences for their unique needs.

Driving 3x Higher Feature Usage for Intellum

UserIQ helps Intellum stay up to speed on their accounts, delivering high-quality data like product usage analytics, customer health scores, and behavior tracking.

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“We get 3x the interaction rate on features when we use UserIQ’s tooltips to point them out than when we don’t. Just that extra little nudge has made a huge difference.”

Tad K.
VP of Client Services

user segmentation filters

User Segments

Create filters and target users by a variety of variables to compare accounts and address customers at scale.

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Tailored Segmentation

Create custom segments based on a limitless combination of in-app behaviors, user data, and demographics.

Observe and Understand

Monitor each of your custom segments to understand which features they are using, how they compare to other segments, and more.

Personalized Onboarding Flows

Customize onboarding experiences based on any number of factors so you can deliver an exceptional experience, every time.

Journey Paths

Understand how customers move through your product to see what works and what doesn’t.

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customer journey product experience

Identify At-risk Users

Build a detailed journey map of how customers use your app. Recover existing accounts and steer the experience for future users.

Analyze Feature Adoption

See how users discover new features, how they incorporate them into their workflow, and where they go next.

Uncover Friction Points

Pinpoint moments of user frustration and identify repetitive workflows, unfinished processes, and unexpected movements.

User Adoption Customer Health Dashboard

UserIQ helps you take proactive
measures to keep customers happy.