Predict behavior

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Better understand your users with a complete behavior profile that includes login activity, feature usage and sentiment. With feeling and fact, you’ll know how to take action.


Take a Pulse

One account needs training. Another lost a customer champion. There are some things you just can’t quantify. With UserIQ, measuring the unmeasurable just got easy.


Go Deep or Shallow

Drill down to one user or get a more holistic view. Know what’s popular … and not so popular. Now, you can create specific filters to bring your insight prowess to new levels.

A Smarter Health Score

There’s a lot going on in your customer success world. Which accounts are unhappy? What’s changing in those accounts? Which CSMs are rocking it? Enter the new UserIQ customer health score dashboard.

Health scoring, in-app notes and tasks will help you to stay focused and spot changes. And since change is constant, you’ll be glad to have a forecasting partner at your side.

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Faster Action

UserIQ customer health functionality includes:

  • Health score trends
  • Dynamic account filtering
  • On-the-fly note-taking
  • In-app tasks to track to-do’s
  • Voice of Customer trends
  • Recent usage patterns
  • Pulse score changes

Armed with health insights, you’ll have everything you need to take action, maximize retention and drive feature adoption.

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Powerful Filters

UserIQ offers customizable filters. Now, you can select your own criteria — from a specific ARR to a health score range.


Holistic Health

Which accounts registered a large swing in health score? Is your work improving the user experience? UserIQ helps you plan and pivot.

Churn indicators

Spot Red Flags

Has it been too long since your last check-in? Is a customer giving lower satisfaction scores? With UserIQ, you can be proactive.


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Your personal wingman


Sentiment + science